Theater Review: Hair Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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The Age of Aquarius came alive under the stars tonight as the anti-war flower children of Hair took over the Hollywood Bowl. This was the first time I’d seen a musical at the Bowl and the first time I’d seen Hair at all so I was looking forward to a good time.

The powerhouse cast alone is enough to make this a must see show but to see them actually perform it only confirms that. The entire cast turned in a wonderful performance and made a memorable first viewing of this historical play.

With names like Kristen Bell, Hunter Parish, Beverly D’Angelo, Jonah Platt, Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Sarah Hyland, and more you know you’re in for something special. For me, the big draw was Kristen Bell. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of hers and the chance to see her performing live on stage was too great to pass up. She was fantastic but it was another actress who stole the show: Sarah Hyland. I was blown away by her. She was charming, funny, and I am pretty sure she was on stage the entire first act. She handled some unexpected mic trouble like a seasoned broadway veteran, and even ad-libbed a joke about it in act two. This girl is definitely more than Modern Family.

Another stand out was Amber Riley. What a voice this girl has. A true talent with a killer voice and comedy chops as well.

I don’t mean to leave the gentlemen out of the review here. The guys were great but to be honest, the ladies owned it tonight.

As the show went on, another unexpected issue came up: a rare summer rainstorm. Unfortunately, the fickle LA audience wasn’t having the rain and a lot of people began heading for the doors. This was just moments into act two by the way and no amount of praying for star shine or sunshine was keeping the rain at bay. The cast referenced the rain in a couple clever ways and the Bowl staff passed out ponchos. The audience that remained (it was still a lot of people) were treated to a high energy and emotional finale.

One drawback is that a show like Hair is better served in a more intimate venue where cast interactions with the audience can be more appreciated and enjoyed than with a massive Bowl audience.

With great direction and choreography along with a talented and captivating cast, Hair at the Hollywood Bowl is a wonderful way to spend an evening.

You have one more chance to catch this great show tonight (Sunday August 3) at 7:30pm.

8/10 Tie Dyes!

For more information and tickets click HERE.

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Garon CockrellTheater Review: Hair Live at the Hollywood Bowl