Top 10 Adult Hollywood Movies Of All Time That Are Oh So Sensual

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With the recent release of Fifty Shades Freed, the movie theaters are packed. However, while this trilogy received a lot of accolades, there have been many other movies in Hollywood that have been just as steamy. It shows that a little hype goes a long way. Consequently, if you like a little sizzle in your flick, then here are ten movies you must see.

1. Unfaithful

Unfaithful is a 2002 movie is an American thriller/romantic Drama movie that stars Diane Lane and Richard Gere. It’s a bit outside the box for both performers, but they excel. They are the perfect couple with a child, dog, and suburban NYC home. However, the doting housewife finds someone that makes her toes curl. A chance encounter turns into an affair, which turns into war. Her husband finds out about her sins, and he will stop at nothing to get revenge.

2. Eyes Wide Shut

In 1999, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman shocked the world with their sizzling movie Eyes Wide Shut. After his wife admits that she once cheated on him, Hartford starts having all sorts of sexual encounters after a party. He wants revenge, but what he gets is a night he will never forget. His life is thrust into romance, drama, passion, and pure hate. There is plenty of sexual encounters in this movie and lots of chances to see some erotic scenes. However, it’s the edge of your seat drama that will keep you interested.

3. Show Girls

Show Girls is one of the NC 17 movies on Netflix. It was the breakout role for Jessica Berkley from her days on Saved by the Bell. The 1995 flick follows Berkley as she becomes a dancer to make ends meet. There are some steamy scenes, but the plot is good too. They show just how far these dancers are willing to go to make a dollar, and it showcases how terrible they are treated.

4. Killing Me Softly

Heather Graham shocks audiences with her sensual performance in the 2002 thriller Killing Me Softly. After becoming bored with her current relationship, she tries a ride on the wild side. There are so many sex scenes that this movie could classify as hardcore. There are several nude scenes too.

5. Wisdom

What happens when you throw Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, and Charlie Sheen in a movie together? Pure magic! Wisdom is a crime thriller, but the intense sexual relationship between Estevez and Moore received a great deal of attention. Robbing banks by day and making love in the get-a-way car at night. He’s not doing it for the money. He wants to help farmers by destroying bank records. This movie has everything, including the sizzling scenes to keep you watching.

6. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct was the 1992 flick that put Sharon Stone on the map. She plays a manipulative novelist that is suspected of murder. She won an MTV award for being the most desirable female as well as some other honors for the film. The famous scene where she takes off her panties and puts her female parts on display went down in history. It’s steamy, raunchy in parts, but the storyline is also impressive and makes for good drama.

7. Crash

We cannot mention movies with tons of sex and not mention Crash. Neve Campbell was a nobody before the 1999 film showcased her acting skills. The deviant sensual content and explicit sex scenes are not for the faint of heart. Serious vehicle accident brings a TV director face to face with three pansexual women. These women have also been victims of car crashes. They cope with their anxiety by using their sex drive to heal their brokenness. Increasing their sex encounters helps to bring positive energy. To use his newfound methods, he tries to rejuvenate his mundane sex life with his wife. Consequently, things go so wrong.

8. Poison Ivy

The 1991 movie Poison Ivy was the first breakout role for Drew Barrymore as a grownup. Trying to shake the stereotype from E.T., she opted for something different. When a disturbed young girl, who lives with her aunt, moves in with a friend, things get interesting. Her friend, played by Sarah Gilbert, is adopted. The adoptive family mother is very sick and cannot sexually satisfy her husband. Barrymore is up for the challenge of taking care of his physical needs. Her poison is no match for this family of do-gooders.

9. Original Sin

Angelina Jolie is perfect for the 2001 erotic thriller Original Sin. This movie has some smoking hot scenes from beginning to end. It’s set in the 1800’s in the country of Cuba. A coffee merchant uses the mail system to order a bride. However, the woman that arrives just wants his money and is an imposter. While he was expecting a simple woman, what he got was a wild female. He falls in love with her, but sometimes love is dangerous.

10. Risky Business

Risky Business is another Tom Cruise movie that made the top 10. There is plenty of sex and fun in this 1983 flick. When his parents are away, Cruise takes the opportunity to bust out from his stuffy, suburban life. He ends up spending the night with a prostitute, and she takes advantage by stealing some family heirlooms. The famous scene where Cruise sings “Old Time Rock n’ Roll” in his underwear is what made this young star famous. However, his sex scenes with Rebecca De Mornay make this movie too much for the younger crowd.

Pop Culture BeastTop 10 Adult Hollywood Movies Of All Time That Are Oh So Sensual