Top 5 Retro Themed Slot Machine Games

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Combining the thrills of a slot game with the classic appeal of retro pop culture, these top 5 picks are a must for any fan of retro-themed casino games.

Retro culture will always be this great pool of inspiration for thousands of artist from across the globe. Be it the nostalgia that attracts them or just the visual aesthetic of an evergreen era, there’s one thing for sure – people would never stop drawing from the past to create new products.

One of the industries that you would least expect to go retro is the online casino industry, despite the fact that it also heavily relies on visual artistry to keep players interested. And yet, casino game makers have been steadily going back in decades to explore a whole world of slot themes that span from the prohibition era to the neon-lighted kitschy world of the 80s.

So, if you’re a fan of eras gone past and online slots, you can check out these top 5 slot games with a retro theme. And before you do, just try to keep in mind that you can both enjoy them for free or turn to a helpful resource and get more info on real-money gambling. 


The Groovy Sixties (NetEnt)

The name says it all. This slot game is perfect for those who grew up within the polyester world of 60s pop culture, or those who just dream they did. The Groovy Sixties slot follows the 60s theme fervently, although it focuses more on the more cheerful side of the decade and not the political turmoil it’s known for.

So, if you’re a fan of “Flower Power” or are groovy by nature, these are only some of the features you’ll get with this slot:

  • Colorful 60s symbols like Lava Lamps, WV Beatles, movie projectors;
  • Smooth graphics and audio faithful to the era;
  • Cheap wagers (minimum is 0.01 coins);
  • A jackpot of 1000x;
  • A Return to Player Percentage of 96.5%.

Jazz of New Orleans (Play N’ Go)

If you’re a fan of the dim jazz joints of the 20s, or just love the evergreen charm of New Orleans, this Play N’ Go slot is a great way to transport yourself into a world of trumpets, bob-cuts, foggy streets and scotch. However, the jazz-theme is not the only thing great about this game, as it also comes with the following specs:

  • A multi-layered and unique jazz soundtrack.
  • A Jazz Club bonus level with up to 25 re-triggering free spins;
  • A total number of 200 free spins;
  • Progressive Jackpot.


The Pink Panther (Playtech)

A classic cartoon with one of the most memorable theme songs in pop culture, The Pink Panther is a slot game designed for the fans of both the animated series and the Peter Sellers franchise they spawned. And even though you’ll only see the cartoon version of Clouseau at its reels, this iconic game comes packed with other goodies that really make it worth your while:

  • Symbols from the classic cartoon like bombs, the Pink Panther, and the goons;
  • 5 exciting, skill-based bonus games (including cracking safes and searching for stolen diamonds);
  • Animated sequences;
  • A progressive jackpot;
  • A Return to Player percentage of 95.4%.

 Gangsters (Habanero)

This addition to the list was only released at the beginning of September 2016, yet word of it quickly spread out due to its great game design and attractive symbolism. The Gangsters slot by Habanero, as the name suggests, follows the prohibition era theme that speaks to any fan of classic mobster films.

The following highlights are only a part of what makes this game great:

  • Classic mob-era visuals;
  • Great animation sequences;
  • Smooth gameplay;
  • Free spins;
  • A jackpot of 1500x.


 Creature from the Black Lagoon (NetEnt)

If you’re a fan of retro horror flicks, or great retro movie posters for that matter, this NetEnt slot should definitely be on your to-do-list. Boasting the same imagery from the 1954 film and the incredible gameplay from one of the best makers in the industry, Creature from the Black Lagoon is a prime example of how you make a retro-themed casino game.

In short, this game is a great choice for you if you’re looking for:

  • Immersive gameplay;
  • Visuals from the classic 50s film;
  • Free spins (up to 20);
  • Fun bonus rounds (you’ll get to save Kay by harpooning the creature);
  • A Return to Player Percentage of 96.5%.
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