TV Review: Gotham Episode 4

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It’s episode 4 and we’re back to the titles of the show having nothing to do with the episode itself. Titled “Arkham,” this episode has very little to do with the famed asylum. After last week’s “The Balloonman,” I’d expect this episode to be called “Knifey Stab Guy.”

Penguin comes to Jim Gordon’s apartment acting very effeminate and poorly convinces Jim’s fiancee that they’re friends. Penguin further explains that Gordon is the only good man in Gotham, doesn’t someone say this every episode?

A stranger corners some councilman at night and says he wants to show him something, he pulls out a random object to show the councilman and his bodyguard. In a crime ridden Gotham, wouldn’t you think it was a weirdo with a bomb or something? Not these people, like idiots they take the item which kills them with a blade that shoots from the dildo-looking device.

Jada Pinkett-Smith still holds her hands in the air every time she “acts.” She’s looking for a singer/maneater, finds two girls, and makes them fight over the position.

Arkham is very unnaturally brought up as a section of the city with a run down asylum. The Waynes’ plans for Arkham was to make Section 8 housing in this area and that’s why they might have been killed. We couldn’t go an episode without seeing Bruce so of course Gordon goes to visit and gets information about the deal from a butler and a 12 year old boy…

Maroni and Falcone are competing over the Arkham area for some convoluted reason that doesn’t make sense. Falcone is backing the Wanyes’ plan, which the Mayor has endorsed.

“Two councilmen dead in as many days, can’t be coincidence.” That’s a line from the show that was just picked up for a full season by FOX.

The Riddler is once again shoved down our throats, asking riddles.

They think the killer is working for for both Falcone and Maroni. “Only in Gotham,” Bullock says, which is the same thing I say when there’s a terrible scene in a DC Comics-based show.

They track the killer down to the office where he works. The office looks like a hallway set from The West Wing aka no office that’s ever existed. The killer has the newspaper clippings of the murders in his desk. With guns drawn Bullock and Gordon corner… a woman who was stealing paper clips who screams and drops them. Trust me, you’d laugh if you unironically  love the humor in Batman and Robin.

Young Bruce is trying to figure out the connection between the councilmen murders and the murder of his parents, much like I’m trying to figure out the connection of which producer this terrible child actor is related to.

Gordon’s fiancee spills the beans about her relationship with Montoya to Gordon. No one is surprised or cares. This actress should go back to whatever daytime soap opera she came from.

After a robbery at the restaurant the Penguin worked at, Oswald is promoted to restaurant manager by Maroni since he saved some money in the back.

Gordon figures out that the Mayor is the next target and saves him by killing the assassin. It’s revealed that Penguin orchestrated the robbery and has poisoned the burglars with cannolis. I wish I had a poisoned cannoli to eat while watching this show. Arkham Asylum will be reopened… big surprise.

I’d rather be in the council meeting to discuss the zoning and options in the Arkham area than watch this boring episode.

Gotham Episode 4 is a 4 out of 10 poisoned cannolis.

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Kyle DodsonTV Review: Gotham Episode 4