TV: Upcoming New Zealand Comedy Show ‘B-Rabbit’ is Looking for Your Help

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B-Rabbit TV SeriesHey there readers! A dear ol’ film school friend of mine has lost himself in the wilds of that popular land of sheep they call New Zealand and is in the process of putting together what is sure to be a funny-as-hell situation comedy series and he needs your help.

Loosely based on true experiences of series creator Laura Irish and her offbeat family, B-Rabbit is a hilarious, invasive depiction of the peaks and valleys of immigrating to New Zealand and the life she desperately tried to leave behind.

When Laura immigrates to Nelson, New Zealand as a young mother, sheʼs relieved to leave her American life behind to start a new adventure and identity. Her new life is shaken when her extremely uncouth, impulsive brother, Bradley, self-nicknamed B-Rabbit, unexpectedly arrives in New Zealand and Laura has no choice but to try to integrate him successfully into New Zealand culture with the help and hindrance of those around her.

They are asking for your help to fund this project.  The money will go to paying a professional crew and help them to craft a film that will be an example of the kind of film making New Zealand (specifically the top of the south) is capable of.  Nelson is full of talented people and we want to give all of them jobs.

Contribute to the Kickstarter Here!


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David MasseyTV: Upcoming New Zealand Comedy Show ‘B-Rabbit’ is Looking for Your Help