Types of Skins Available in Dota 2

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If you are playing Dota 2 you definitely have heard about skins and how they are used. Skins are the cosmetic items used to make your character look different. However, that is not all skins can do as those can also affect load screen, change the looks of different elements in game or even change the map design.

No matter what kind of skins we are talking about – there is a way to earn on selling them. It is rather hard to treat that like a job bringing stable income, but you can get some cash if you sell them on a skin market which is specialized on purchase of Dota 2 items.

Hero Equipment

As you know there are many of heroes in Dota 2 and for each of those there are several types of skin sets designed both by the game manufacturer and players in Steam Workshop. Usually those are subdivided in categories:

  • weapon (sword, axe, scepter, etc.)
  • armor (for hands, body, shoulder etc.)
  • helmet
  • animal (optional)

The equipment combined by a style is called a set and it is better to equip the hero in the uniform set – it just looks much more better. Along with the hero equipment in a set you can gain a new load screen as well.


Consumables are the items used for healing, mana replenish or any other temporary taking effects. You can purchase skins to look these items look different in your inventory or in the store. There skins available for flusks, treasures, gems and other items.

Event Items

When you play Dota 2 you surely notice announcements on various events that take place among the Dota 2 community. Participating in those events or even viewing those can allow you to get unique skins that are usually released as limited editions.


Rarity of the item is the indicators used to describe how often it can be dropped or found in the case you have bought. The more rare is the item you possess the higher is the price for it and most of the players are obsessed with the idea of getting Legendary items.


Just as rarity or any other feature item’s quality has no effect on the item’s gameplay characteristics. It just a property of the items which thus affects its price.


It is rather hard to get fully equipped with your hero, however, it is easier to get equipped when it comes to the consumables and event items. However, it is usually enough for you to have at least one non-basic skin for each playable hero so that you could vary the gaming process at least at -ar match modes.





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Pop Culture BeastTypes of Skins Available in Dota 2