Virtually Green Note

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Virtually Green Note

Green Note (at Home)

One of the things we are all missing the most during this quarantine is getting out to see live music. So effortless. Get your hand stamped, go to a dark hall buzzing with anticipation, grab a beer, shimmy up as close to the stage as you can, let the performer do the work, maybe buy a t-shirt on the way out. See, you do miss it. Well, music fans Virtually Green Note can help.

Virtually Green Note

One of my favourite venues in London is the Green Note, known for its intimate setting, lethal espresso martinis and the quality American acts they bring over to the UK. This is a space where the music is given just enough room to shine.

Virtually Green Note

girls with guitars (and banjos) at Virtually Green Note

So, for now we can experience “Virtually Green Note”. For the last month or so, the lovely folks at the Camden venue have been curating special shows each Wednesday and Friday. As they aren’t having to work around tour schedules – musicians are a bit homebound these days and ripe for the booking – the Green Note has been busy putting together some killer line-ups of some of their favourite artists who have played there over the years. Musical lemons into availability lemonade, yay!

Dar Williams back in London, sort of

All sorts of artists are scheduled to perform in the next few weeks, and we are most excited by the three acts hitting the virtual stage on Friday, June 5th. Heading up the evening (8pm UK time) is singer-songwriter, author, and massively entertaining live performer Dar Williams. Williams has been nice enough to give us her time, and we are massive fans. She’s great fun.

Virtually Green Note

Erin McKeown streaming live , June 5th

The other two artists joining Dar Williams are Erin McKeown and Cara Luft. Erin is familiar to Pop Culture Beast readers who enjoyed her Quick Six interview – she has brought a bit of an edge to the cozy confines of the Green Note on a few occasions and wherever she’s streaming from, she will liven up the evening.

Cara Luft is a singer and guitarist/banjo player and also a founding member of the Canadian folk trio The Wailin’ Jennys. and we are looking forward to getting to know her solo music. These three take the stage – their home stages, your computer screen – on Friday June 5, 8pm London time/ noon California time.

Live music needs your help!

Watch, comment and interact in real time… as well as having the chance to join the artists for the after-show hangout/artist Q&A on Zoom. If you can’t make it on time, the Green Note keeps the links live for a week on their YouTube channel before taking them offline, so you can still watch and donate (please donate).

Live music is good for the soul, and sure beats another Facetime Bingo game with your weird cousins. Check out these fantastic global artists every Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy!

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