Wake of Vultures (Lila Bowen)

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wake of vultures

Wake of Vultures

Lila Bowen


ISBN: 0316264318 (ISBN13: 9780316264310)

Published October 27th, 2015




In the middle of the night, a wild horse that’s been plaguing the ranch fouls the horse trough again, and Nettie Lonesome has to get up and go into the night to shoo it away. Now the horse trough will need dumped out and refilled.

After scaring it off, she’s surprised by a man who lets her know in no uncertain terms he’s there to do her harm. After putting a farm sickle into his face, she realizes this man isn’t going to die easy. A sharp wooden stick to the heart suddenly renders him into fine dark sand.

Nettie is a girl who’s dressed like a boy ever since she realized what kind of hell awaited her in the old west once people saw her as a young woman. She was a half black, half Indian orphan, and the couple that took her in as an infant treated her no better than a slave. She decides to leave home with the stranger’s clothes and money, and gets a job on the ranch next door as a ranch hand, breaking horses and raiding cattle with the rest of the cowpokes.

Ever since killing the stranger, she sees monsters everywhere, living and working and preying on humans. An encounter with a mysterious old Aztec woman starts her on a quest for discovery and vengeance, chasing a dangerous monster who’s snatched and eaten every child for miles. Nettie just wants to survive the encounter, and find out who she really is.

Lila Bowen is a pseudonym of Delilah S Dawson, and her wealth of experience shows in Wake of Vultures. Witty and adventurous, this weird west tale keeps a good pace and plenty of action. It has a voice all it’s own that weaves a unique story with interesting and compelling characters, giving a glimpse into a rich weird world. It’s the beginning of a series, and a definite must buy.




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JL JamiesonWake of Vultures (Lila Bowen)