Why Are Gibson Les Pauls So Expensive? Are They Worth The Money?

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Why Are Gibson Les Pauls So Expensive? Are They Worth The Money?

If you are into musical instruments or guitar, to be specific, you might know about a variety of guitar manufacturers. Similarly, you must very well have heard about the Gibson Les Pauls guitars. These guitars are the best in the market.

They have a variety of models. Not just that, these guitars have been put into use by so many famous musicians. That automatically adds up their value. But there is a question that arises frequently. Why
are these guitars so expensive? Are they even worth the money? We have reasons here why these guitars are costly.


Manufactured In the US

The first and the very obvious reason why these guitars by Gibson Les Paul are so expensive is that they are manufactured back in the United States of America. Anything made in the U.S. can be expected to cost more than ones made somewhere else. Gibson came into being in about 1894 and counting then till now is a long time which is also the years of experience the U.S has gained in manufacturing these guitars, which is yet another factor why they are expensive.

Uses the Best Quality Material

Most people might not know this, but truth being told, Gibson uses premium quality vintage woods to manufacture its guitars. These woods include mahogany, rosewood, maple, and ebony. Back in some time, the use of these woods was common, and everyone used these to manufacture guitars. But with time, these woods became a luxury and very hard to find. The best part about Gibson is that to date; all their guitars are made out of these valuable woods. It is a pretty valid reason why they are so expensive.

Good Quality Electronics

If you have had an experience of closely examining a Gibson Les Pauls or having owned one, you may very well know that these guitars are known for not having hollow bodies. They have complete solid bodies. The sound created with these guitars is all the function of the electronics. Not to forget that these guitars have high-quality, smooth sound. So it is very obvious that the electronics used in these guitars are top-notch. And those top-notch electronics can cost a lot.

How Are They Manufactured

The sleekness of designs and smoothness of the bodies of these guitars clearly speaks of the expertise and hard work put into manufacturing these majestic musical masterpieces. As we know that Gibson has been working for decades now, it is obvious that they have highly skilled and experienced workers who put their blood and sweat into bringing out such instruments for you. Those workers are highly paid, and that is yet another reason which makes these guitars so expensive.

The Plek Machine

A plek machine is a CNC machine that every instrument is put under before it is delivered to the market from the Gibson factories. This machine carries out an in-depth examination and analysis of the instruments set under. It counts the number of strings and frets in a guitar, checks for the defaults, and corrects them. The Plek machine is very expensive, which adds up to the cost of the guitars as well.


These guitars have some obvious reasons for being so overly expensive, and not to forget that some of the reasons make them worth it.


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Garon CockrellWhy Are Gibson Les Pauls So Expensive? Are They Worth The Money?