Why Use Twitch Streaming For Your League of Legends Gaming Session

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Why Use Twitch Streaming For Your League of Legends Gaming Session

Twitch is an online streaming platform that allows users to live stream various activities on the Internet. Many people use this website to stream video broadcasts about cooking, artwork, gaming, and other tasks. However, this online platform is particularly famous for gamers as several of its features center around the idea of gaming. League of Legends (LoL), a game by Riot Games, is one title ideal to stream in this website. Here are four reasons why you should use Twitch for streaming your LoL gaming sessions:


  1. A Good Place to Learn

Education and gaming converge in streaming video games with the help of Twitch. LoL players can broadcast their gaming sessions to their viewers using this platform, and teach spectators about individual plays.

Beginners can watch pro LoL players using different League of Legends smurf accounts to play the famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title. Smurf accounts is an Internet slang meaning that the account and its handler (or name) is different from the main account of someone who accumulated fame from a specific video game. Professional players may experience repercussions from their contracts if they use their professional gaming tags and IDs during games.

While using these smurf accounts, more experienced LoL players can teach their viewers about certain moves like juking, mid-laning, and other MOBA strategies.

  1. Meet LoL Personalities

Twitch also has a live chat feature for streamers and their viewers. Therefore, watchers can communicate with their favorite LoL personalities. For example, as a watcher, you may chat with Lee Sang-hyeok (gamer tag: Faker) from the team SK Telecom T1 as he uses one of the new champions.

Express your thoughts to your favorite LoL celebrities through their stream’s chat boxes. However, keep in mind that Twitch has strict guidelines regarding harassment. Thus, even though the online streaming platform adheres to free speech, the chatbox isn’t the place to express extreme dissent. Therefore, unwanted profanities and cursing in a streamer’s chatbox may result in a ban from viewing the account’s channel.

Streamers may also watch other Twitch users. Hence, a famous LoL superstar may be watching your streams even if that individual is using a smurf account. It may even create a chance for e-sports teams to scout for amateurs who may have a future in professional MOBA gaming.

  1. Use Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch Subscriptions is a feature on this live streaming platform wherein avid viewers make monthly payments to Twitch partners. It’s a way to support your favorite Twitch streamers. Part of the subscription fee will go to the live streamer. In return, watchers who subscribe to specific channels receive specific perks.

Unique benefits await users who subscribe to specific channels. For instance, subscribing to a popular LoL channel may give you access to exclusive emotes and badges to use in the streamer’s chatbox. Also, you may take advantage of exclusive alerts and ad-free viewing with the subscription.

As a streamer, Twitch needs to recognize your account to be worthy of being an affiliate before you can cater to subscriptions. Streaming religiously in specific schedules per week may help you gain access to this feature.

  1. Chances for a Sponsorship

Various companies now turn to Twitch to look for people to sponsor. Sponsorship allows LoL streamers to gain extra income while streaming the MOBA title. This streaming platform allows users to use a feature known as overlays.

Streaming overlays are distinct design spread across the screen of your stream. Most overlays represent borders, and these appearances help promote certain elements. For example, as a streamer, you may promote your social media channels for your viewers to follow you outside of Twitch. On the other hand, if you have a sponsorship deal, you can advertise your sponsor’s brand through your overlay.

Companies look for avid LoL gamers who may have the right skills and number of online followers to represent their brands. In doing so, you might receive payment regularly from the brand for the advertisements.

Remember, the company may give you specific rules to follow to make sure you’re streaming for them. For example, the brand may tell you to adhere to a particular streaming schedule. Failure to comply with that program may result in the firm rescinding their sponsorship deal with you.

Consider using Twitch to stream your LoL gaming sessions. Show your viewers how you handle League quests and bonuses. Teach your streamers how you can make an easy Pentakill. This online streaming platform may help create a collaborative atmosphere among streamers, their viewers, and potential business partnerships.

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Pop Culture BeastWhy Use Twitch Streaming For Your League of Legends Gaming Session