Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition Coming to Playstation 4

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If you were a fan of the Darksiders series (all two of them), Nordic Games has confirmed that they’re releasing Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition for the Playstation 4.

A listing for the game was spotted on Amazon, but was pulled a few hours later. A representative from Nordic Games, the publisher for the Darksiders series, confirmed later that it is indeed real, but they weren’t able to discuss it any further at this point. While not discussed, an Xbox One version is likely in the works as well.

Nordic Games purchased the property, along with Red FactionMX vs ATVDestroy All Humans!, Summoner, and Supreme Commander,  from the now-defunct THQ in 2013 for $4.9 million.

It’s been awfully quiet for the Darksiders series since the sequel released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in August 2013. The only thing that’s happened since then was the Wii U release that came out in November 2013. Nordic Games has stated previously they intend to support the series’ future, so this might be a sign of them testing the waters.

THQ spent nearly $50 million on the development of Darksiders 2, and Nordic Games isn’t intending on making that kind of investment in another game.

Darksiders was originally intended to be a franchise, so maybe we’ll actually see good on that intent in the future, albiet on a smaller scale.

SOURCE –  GameSpot

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Jason ArriolaDarksiders 2: Definitive Edition Coming to Playstation 4