Voyeurism: Nioh Alpha Demo

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I really enjoy the Souls series. I’ve owned them all and have played all but Dark Souls III. You’d think I’d have something resembling competence when it comes to playing them. Well, as you can see below, my first bit of playing the Nioh, a game clearly inspired heavily by the Souls games, I clearly am still lacking a bit in the skill department.

See, that didn’t go well. Stumble after stumble and death after death had me call it quits for the day after this session.

The great thing about these types of games though is that they reward patience. I’m still far from what you called “skilled” at this games. I’m merely patient enough to keep pushing forward with my glacial-like progress. I came back the next day and played a bit more and realized it had sunk in a bit more. You’re catching me mid fight with a boss (or, what I assume is one anyway) and watch until I die.

See, much better. I’m still prone to panicking in some instances where I’m overwhelmed by numbers, but now I definitely feel a bit more confident in the how the game is played. If this is how Nioh is looking in the alpha stage, I’m almost assuredly going to be picking it up when it comes out. There’s a couple small things I’d like changed before that, one of them being the small size of the font. Hopefully when it comes out, I won’t have gotten so rusty that I end up seeing “freed from this mortal coil” as frequently as I did.

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Jason ArriolaVoyeurism: Nioh Alpha Demo