2019 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture: “Least Favorite To Favorite”

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Here’s my take on this year’s Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture. When I was asked to compile this list it was simple as this year I had very strong opinions about the “Best Picture” nominees. Please know that my views don’t seem to line-up with what the critics or popular kids are saying. That said here’s my honest opinion about the nominees and before you ask… “Yes! I saw them all.”

8) Roma – Beautifully boring. If you like close-up shots of wet dog poop (not a metaphor) and a story in which virtually nothing happens then this movie is for you. Plus you shouldn’t be able to submit as Best Picture AND Best Foreign Language film! That’s double dipping and not fair.






7) VICE – This is exactly why the GOP hates Liberals. An utterly horrible exercise in film making. Everything about this says “look how cool we are.” Christian Bale gained weight and then talks like a 70 year-old man the entire film. Did Cheney really talk like he was 70 in his 30’s. Then mid credit sequence was so heavy handed I wanted to throw my gummy donkeys through the screen.





6) BlacKkKlansman – Is it a comedy like the trailer led me to believe OR a drama like Spike Lee tried to make it towards the end? Either way it didn’t work for me. Lee’s heavy handedness at the end of the film just turned me off and quite frankly Adam Driver immediately takes me out of every movie he’s in. Spike’s film “Do The Right Thing” should have won in 1989. Now every time Lee is nominated it feels like the Academy is trying to make up for their mistake 30 years ago.




5) Bohemian Rhapsody – This is a fun but flawed film and certainly not deserving of a Best Picture nomination. I’ve seen it twice and like it very much but if I’m being honest it’s just a popcorn movie… nothing wrong with that! Rami Malek should and hopefully will win as his performance is stellar.






4) A Star Is Born – First this is a remake and a remake should never be nominated for best picture because right out of the gate it’s NOT ORIGINAL. It is being nominated for the work others did years ago. Plus if you’ve seen the 1976 version you literally won’t believe how little Bradley Cooper really did to bring this to the big screen. Lady GaGa was excellent and will be rewarded with song of the year for sure.





3) The Favourite – The performances, costumes and script were all stellar. I was hoping it would be even nastier and funnier but regardless this film was pretty great and it fills the “period piece” slot for this year. Did I like #5 better than this… Yes but as I stated BoRhap isn’t a Best Picture in my opinion.






2) Black Panther – The Academy finally recognizes a quote “super hero/comic book film” for best picture. I personally liked “Infinity War” better but I also understand that this film was groundbreaking for finally putting an African American superhero as the lead in a big budget film. There was joy in the lobby of the theatre on opening night like I have never seen before and it’s about time boys and girls of color have superheros that they can identify with. Just getting the nomination is a BIG win for this film.




1) Green Book – This was the last film I saw because to be honest I thought it was going to be schmaltzy. Don’t get me wrong this film is the most “movie-movie” of the bunch but it works on every level. It was funny, sad and up lifting. Was this a popcorn movie? Sure but but for me this had all the elements of a Best Picture with out being heavy handed it told a wonderful story of two men finding friendship, honor and trust at a time when society was telling them that they couldn’t possibly be friends. Like Bale Viggo Mortensen packed on the pounds for this role but he also added a character with heart and soul and it doesn’t get better than Mahershala Ali who is absolutely wonderful in everything!



I hope you enjoyed my “hot take” on the Pest Picture Nominees. These are not predictions just opinions and Sunday when I fill out my Oscar Ballot to win cash money my vote will actually be for my #8. I didn’t like it but you know what they say… “The Emporer’s new clothes are gorgeous.”

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Pat Francis2019 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture: “Least Favorite To Favorite”