Breaking News: Free U2 Tickets (if you’re in the UK)

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U2 tickets

In case your second mortgage didn’t go through and you couldn’t afford to get tickets for U2’s latest tour, a chance to catch them for free is happening for UK Beasts. The lads will play an open-air concert in London’s Trafalgar Square to kick off the MTV Europe Music Awards. They are being awarded something, or slimed, or… does anyone watch the MTV award shows anymore?

Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Ringo Mullen Jr will perform on Saturday evening, November 11th, and the mini-gig will be filmed for partial broadcast across MTV’s many outlets.

The actual award ceremony, the EMAs, will take place at the SSE Arena (we Londoners call it Wembley Arena) on Sunday, November 12th. Not sure you’re getting into that, but if you want to join the massive crowd on the lions in Trafalgar Square, click here to enter . The weather report doesn’t mention rain, so game on for a high-energy show.
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Martina O'BoyleBreaking News: Free U2 Tickets (if you’re in the UK)