9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed

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9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed

Popular movies inspire artists, software developers who create slots for ChanCasino, and Instagram influencers. They take photos where these movies were filmed, and these are the most popular locations.


The movie was filmed in a real firehouse located in Manhattan, New York City. Google reviews say that passersby are not allowed inside, but sometimes you can take pictures with the firefighters who work there.

Home Alone

Kevin’s house does exist. It is located in the town of Winnetka, 16 km from Chicago. It is where most of the filming of “Home Alone” took place. The second part of the comedy was filmed mainly in New York. There Kevin stayed at The Plaza Hotel, at the entrance of which he met its owner Donald Trump. It is now possible to stay in a room at this hotel, but it will cost at least $680 per night.   

Bachelor Party Vegas

The movie begins in a mansion located in the city of Pasadena, from where a group of friends travels to Las Vegas for fun. There they stay at the Caesars Palace Hotel, where double rooms start at $179 a night. Nearby is the Bellagio Hotel, where Ocean’s Eleven was filmed.  

Lord of the Rings

Hobbiton is a village created for the filming of the famous movie. There are 37 earth huts in the terrain. After the filming, the scenery was abandoned. They were restored in 2012. Now this attraction has turned into a tourist attraction, for which you have to pay 84 New Zealand dollars to enter. There are a lot of people who want to get in, so it is better to buy a ticket in advance. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The famous jewelry store, where the heroine of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” loved to visit, is located in Manhattan, not far from Central Park in New York. You can walk into the store or take a photo in front of it. 

The house where Holly Golightly rented an apartment is located at 169 East 71st Street and Lexington Avenue, NY, USA. It can be photographed, but you can’t get inside – it’s private property. Most of the interior scenes were filmed at the studio.  

The Beach

The island that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was in “The Beach” in real life looks like heaven on earth. Now the island has become one of the most visited places in Thailand, excursions are organized here, and for a fee you can even stay overnight on the island.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The head doctor of the state hospital, Dean Brooks, agreed to shoot the film in his clinic. In addition, there was an empty department. Some of his patients starred in the film. Brooks believed that shooting could have a beneficial therapeutic effect. He became a consultant for the film.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter used the archway between platforms 4 and 5 to enter the famous platform. In the main lobby of the station, it is easy to find the “Platform 9 3/4” sign, under which a cart stands that has half “gone” into the wall. You can take a picture with it for free, but first you have to stand in line. Next to this place, there is a souvenir store.   

There are many places in London where episodes of the film were filmed. For fans, local agencies even arrange tours of the city. For 45 pounds, you can get to the real sets of the film.  

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Many scenes of the film were filmed in Tunisia. For example, Anakin Skywalker’s house episode was filmed in the city of Medenin, and Luke Skywalker’s house was filmed in Matmat. Tatavin was a place where many episodes for several parts of the movie were filmed.

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Garon Cockrell9 Locations Where Popular Movies Were Filmed