AEW Recap: Dynamite – February 26, 2020

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AEW Recap: Dynamite – February 26, 2020

JR, Tony and Excalibur are LIVE from Kansas City (not the Kansas one) for the final show before Revolution.

We start with the main event as PAC and Omega square off in a 30 minute Ironman match.

PAC vs. Kenny Omega – Ironman Match

Kenny Omega and Adam Page are set to defend their belts against their friends, but it’s getting tense!

Kenny comes to the ring accompanied by The Young Bucks, the upcoming challengers to Omega and Page’s tag titles. But Page isn’t there. Hmm.

The match starts with some solid technical moves, but eventually it turns into a slugfest and neither man can get an advantage. At about 26 minutes, Omega starts to take control. After a Snapdragon Suplex, PAC bails and Kenny follows him outside the ring. In a wild spot, PAC tries to hit a Moonsault from the ring apron, Omega catches him in midair, but PAC counters into a tornado DDT. PAC gets some more offense which ends with an INSANE brainbuster from the top rope at about 22 minutes. How that doesn’t end in a fall is beyond me.

PAC instead goes up for a dropkick, and then tries a cover which only gets two. Now we go into a headlock as these two rest a bit.

Omega tries a comeback but PAC hits a cutter for another two count. The match is now mainly PAC with arrogant offense as Omega occasionally gets in a shot or two. Eventually Kenny nails some solid knees, a Tiger Driver, and a German Suplex but still can’t get a fall. 16 minutes in with 0-0 score.

Omega sets up PAC, hits a V Trigger to the back of his head and seems to be going for a One Winged Angel and climbs the ropes, but PAC counters into a Power Bomb. But he can’t follow up as Omega hits another Snapdragon and V Trigger for…ANOTHER near fall. PAC retreats to the outside, searching under the ring where he finds a chair. He nails Kenny and earns a disqualification to give Omega the first point.

PAC takes advantage of a dazed Omega and nails a Black Arrow for a three count to even the score.

In the middle of a Schiavone promo for Countdown to Revolution, PAC hits a Falcon Arrow from the apron to the floor. As Omega tries to get back in the ring, PAC hits a dropkick and sends Omega into the doctor and the ref. With no law and order, PAC goes for more hardware, setting up a table. He lays out Omega on the table, and builds some serious drama as he climbs the turnbuckle. Then he hits a SHOOTING STAR PRESS through Omega and the table. Wow.

PAC tries another Black Arrow but Omega counters. He’s able to hit a V Trigger, then another, and a uranage for two. Omega takes him up but PAC reverses into a reverse rana and locks in the Brutalizer with just over 2 minutes left. Omega is fighting to get out of the move but PAC doesn’t let up as the clock winds down to 0:00. PAC knocks out the ref in anger and Justin informs us the match is going to continue in Sudden Death. So now it’s just a match then.

Omega takes it to PAC and nails the One Winged Angel for the final three count. What a match.

Afterward, Tony interviews PAC and gives him some grief for losing. PAC gets upset which apparently brings out Orange Cassidy. Cassidy takes off the shades and PAC nails him with a forearm.

Santana/Ortiz/Guevara vs. Jurassic Express

The Inner Circle reps are here to take on the Express after shenanigans at the tag team battle royale last week.

The Express starts hot, but eventually the Inner Circle is able to isolate Marko for a beating. The hot tag brings in Luchasaurus who temporarily slows down the Inner Circle. However, the momentum swings back and forth a few times until Guevara and Jungle Boy are left in the ring alone. Guevara is about to use the madball on Jungle Boy when Darby Allin appears at ringside and swipes the weapon. That allows Jungle Boy to get the three count.

Best Friends vs. Butcher and Blade

The killer B’s pick apart the Friends, primarily Trent. He’s able to tag Chuck which stems the momentum, but eventually, both teams find themselves on the floor. This allows Orange and Bunny to face off in the ring. Bunny steals Cassidy’s shades, so Orange steals the bunny ears. This leads to Orange diving onto the Butcher and the Friends getting the pin on the Blade.

Tony announces PAC vs. Cassidy for Revolution to the crowd’s delight. Chuck declares that Orange is going to try (“He’s Gonna Try!” chant) and Cassidy gives the thumbs up.

During the break, Tony participates in the Best Friends fun with a big hug, and even tries his own Orange Cassidy impression.

Yuka Sakazaki/Big Swole/Shanna/Hikaru Shida – Four Way Match

As Yuka approaches the ring, the team talks anime, which is odd. Yuka avoids the action for a bit then jumps in only to get beat down by the three larger women. They go into a three way test of strength until Yuka sneaks in and stomps some feet to break it up. Everyone other than Yuka seems to be pretty evenly in control so this is basically an equal exchange of offense for a while. Yuka is the primary target and the likely weak link as the stronger competitors try to pin her for the win. Shida slams Yuka on Swole and attempts the double pin for two. Then a knee strike to Swole allows Shida to get the pin.

JR sits down with the Elite to discuss the tag title match at Revolution. The Bucks and Page get snippy right away and Omega tries to play politics while Page gets increasingly irritated, beer in hand. JR calls him out for being uncomfortable and the Bucks talk to him like it’s an intervention. Matt says they’ll be friends and that the Elite will be bigger than this match. Page reminds them he walked out of the Elite and that starts some arguing, which leads to Page walking out on the interview.

Jericho/Moxley Weigh-In

This seems to be a bad idea, but hey, Gary Michael Capetta is here! He just doesn’t hit the “Jon” quite like Justin Roberts.

Moxley comes through the crowd, and the announcers say he appears to be in great shape. Jericho is introduced and the crowd sings along with the theme song. That’s pretty cool. The Inner Circle does the full boxing team routine down to the ring. Capetta emcees the weigh-in and Jericho interrupts to blame him for the downfall of WCW. Ouch. Moxley is up first and weighs in at a lean, mean 234 pounds. Jericho is next and he makes a production of getting on the scale, slowly removing accessories. For some reason, the crowd decides to do the ridiculous Chief chop, and Jericho rips on Mahomes to piss them off. Before Jericho can weigh in, he mouths off to Moxley and gets a headbutt for his trouble. The Inner Circle takes out Moxley as Jericho stumbles around a bloody mess. Dustin comes to the ring to go after Hager, and they fight back to the concourse where JR freaks out about the DIPPIN DOTS! Darby Allin comes out and gets caught by Guevara, who cracks the skateboard over his head. Santana, Ortiz and Jericho go after Moxley and the champ hits the Paradigm Shift on Mox on the scale to end the show.

Despite the weak concept of the weigh-in build-up, Moxley/Jericho should be a good match this weekend. We’ll see the fallout from Revolution next Wednesday.


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Rob HinesAEW Recap: Dynamite – February 26, 2020