AEW Recap: Dynamite – March 4, 2020

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AEW Death Triangle

We are LIVE from Denver and there’s a lot of anticipation for some new faces that may be showing up on Dynamite. Will tonight be that night?

AEW Death Triangle

Dynamite brought us some surprises, whispers of new faces, and a major new faction in Death Triangle.

We start things with the NEW AEW World Champ and Jon Moxley enters through the crowd to celebrate his title win. He takes a few moments to soak in the moment and some true emotion breaks through as he makes his way to the ring.

Mox sports a decent gash over his eye and proclaims AEW as the return of pro wrestling, much to the crowd’s delight. He also promises to defend the belt through any challenge and says there is no one in the industry who can take it from him. Then he sends a message to the Inner Circle, saying he knows they’re coming after him and he dares them to take him out. Cue Jericho’s music with the crowd sing-a-long. That’s a damn cool thing, but maybe too cool for a heel?

Jericho tells Mox he doesn’t need a belt to be Le Champion, and the crowd chants “Yes, you do!” Nice. The former champ accuses Moxley of cheating because he could actually see out of his eye. Ha. Because of this injustice, Jericho does assure Jon that the Inner Circle is coming after him (and they’re coming after everyone else on the roster apparently), and he vows that after the night’s main event, Moxley will not be leaving the building on his feet. He promises that if Moxley is able to walk out on his own, he will take a 60 day leave of absence.

SCU/Colt Cabana vs. Dark Order – Eight Man Tag Match

Nice to see Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana on a big stage again. Hopefully he has a chance to make a mark in AEW. 

Colt starts the match with Grayson and shows some of his fun style, but the Order swarms Colt to take control. When John Silver comes in, that allows Cabana to tag in SCU and they have a moment of offense, but some underhanded tactics give the Order the chance to isolate Daniels for a while. A hot tag to Kazarian leads to chaos as Uno rallies the troops but eventually SCU and Cabana are able to get the upper hand and Cabana drops Reynolds with the Chicago Skyline and the Superman Pin for the victory.

Uno takes the mic as Colt and the SCU celebrate. He tells us the Exalted One will be upset about this match result, and heads will roll. But no Exalted One appearance yet.

We get a recap of the Bucks and Page/Omega from Revolution. Even though the champs retain, Page looks like he might turn on Omega, but the family stays together.

Britt Baker has joined the commentary team, and she gives Tony another Schiavone special.

Big Swole vs. Leva Bates

Poor Leva doesn’t get an entrance as the Librarians continue to play cannon fodder. This match is less about the action in the ring, but apparently building a rivalry between Swole and Baker as the doctor throws plenty of shade on commentary. The Dirty Dancing gets the win and Baker is not impressed.

Recap of MJF vs. Cody as the upstart cheats to win the match. Cody is here to talk about it. Cody demands that MJF come out, look him in the eye and say he won fair and square. Instead, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is on my television again. Jake runs down Cody for whining about MJF winning. He then lets Cody know he is here to take him down, along with “his client.” Some “Delete” chants rise from the crowd, but I don’t think that’s where this is going. Jake tosses some serious shade at Arn Anderson too. He wraps up by telling Cody a wise man once said you never turn your back on someone you respect or that you’re afraid of, then he simply turns and leaves the ring. Wow. The promo is a little rambly, but damn, the Snake still has it.

PAC vs. Chuck Taylor

This match starts pretty even with a lot of feeling out. Chuck is able to get a slight edge when PAC confronts Orange Cassidy on the outside. Finally, PAC takes advantage of a Taylor mistake to get control, eventually winning with the Brutalizer. After the match, PAC goes after the Friends, which brings in Cassidy. Before Orange can strike, the Lucha Bros enter with a double enziguri on Cassidy. PAC takes the mic and announces that this threesome is now called Death Triangle. The Bros nail Orange Cassidy with a Double Stomp/Cradle Piledriver combo to make their point.

Shawn Spears and Tully tell us their search for a tag team partner will continue and I guess they are soliciting responses on social media? Hold on, I need to go send a tweet.

QT Marshall vs. Jake Hager

QT is officially part of the Nightmare Family, and he starts by getting a little bit of offense on the monster of the Inner Circle. Soon enough, Jake takes over and wins quickly with the standing arm triangle. Dustin comes in to help but Santana and Ortiz overpower him. Cody comes down as well, but can’t make much of a difference. Matt Jackson is next and takes on Jake alone. That results in a big Hager Slam. The Inner Circle continues to dominate the Nightmare Family, until Adam Page stumbles down to the ring. He proceeds to wipe out the Circle and stands tall with Matt and the Rhodes brothers until he flips off Matt and takes off through the crowd.

Recap of Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander as Nyla retains her title after a tough match from the Galactic challenger.

We get a video message from MJF who continues to boast about his win over Cody, complete with an “I Pinned Cody” t-shirt. He also promises he is going to be the world champion soon.

Jericho/Guevara vs. Moxley/Allin

Before Mox can make it to the ring, a group of masked men attack him in the crowd. They reveal themselves to be Santana, Ortiz and Hager. This leaves Darby Allin to take on Jericho and Guevara alone. The rest of the Inner Circle makes it back to the ring and Allin is getting dominated for a long time. However, Allin is able to turn the tables, hitting a Coffin Drop to the outside on all five members. He isolates Guevara and goes up again for a Coffin Drop and nearly gets the win. Allin dives to the outside but Jericho counters with the Judas Effect and Guevara is able to get the three count.

WAIT A MINUTE! Moxley is back and he has a chair. He wipes out everyone and seems to be securely on his feet, but Hager jumps him from behind and the Inner Circle drags the champ to the stage. Hager knocks out Moxley with the standing triangle then Santana and Ortiz join him with a very Shield-esque Triple Powerbomb through a table, followed with a five way middle finger to taunt the former Shield member. With Moxley out cold, it looks like Jericho isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

None of the big surprises we expected, but the appearance of Jake The Snake seems to herald at least one will be with us on March 11 in Salt Lake City.


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Rob HinesAEW Recap: Dynamite – March 4, 2020