Album Review: Mal Blum “Pity Boy”

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Pity Boy

Pity Boy

If you are looking for the album of the summer then get ready because it arrives Friday – Pity Boy, from indie Pop musician Mal Blum.

Pity Boy lands on July 12th from Don Giovanni Records and it is filled with the kind of sing-along tunes that will have you rolling down the car windows and cranking up the volume of your preferred musical device.

Pity Boy

Hailing from New York, Mal Blum has been carving out their niche as an anti-folk punk force of nature for the past 12 years. Pity Boy is their sixth full album release and it’s about time the music buying public discovers this incredible talent.

The album kicks off with “Things Still Left To Say” and the power pop never lets up. Track two continues the fun with the rocking drum intro of “Not My Job.” This song will have you beating your steering wheel into submission as Mal preaches that “it’s not their job to make you well” and yet at the same time Mal is making you feel good with their infectious lyrics.

Mal Blum: Pity Boy

At times Mal’s vocals recall a young Joan Jett and that’s never a bad thing. This can be especially be heard on the track “I Don’t Want To.” The chorus of “But I don’t- I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to So I won’t” strikes an aggressive chord that would surely make Jett smile.

Other stand out tracks include the rollicking “Gotta Go” and the album closer “Maybe I’ll Wait.” The twelve tracks clock in at a mere 38 minutes and as soon as the last song ends you will be ready to hear the whole thing all over again.

In a summer that has produced some great music by veteran artists like The Raconteurs and Bruce Springsteen, Mal Blum’s Pity Boy is a breath of fresh air for anyone searching for some kick ass indie rock.

Tour dates begin Friday July 19th and run through September. All details can be found on their website: Don’t miss your chance to see Mal live and if you can’t make it to the shows you owe it to your ears to pick up a copy of Pity Boy right now!

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Pat FrancisAlbum Review: Mal Blum “Pity Boy”