Australian Survivor All Stars Week 4: Cakes and Shakes

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Australian Survivor S05E11 Reward

Australian Survivor S05E11 RewardFollowing a somewhat mediocre third week, Australian Survivor continued with its fourth week of episodes. While the season still has its problems, this was a better week.

Overall Thoughts
Australian Survivor S05E10 cake shopComing into this recap, I feel like I don’t have a lot to cover. Everything continued in the game, there were challenges and people were voted off. There are a few things from this week that I really liked- especially Episode 11’s Tribal Council- but more on that later.

For the reward in Episode 10, the tribes competed for some time in the Survivor Cake Shop. Mokuta won the challenge and proceeded to the reward. The tribe then found out that they wouldn’t be enjoying this together. Instead, they’d all have to go one at a time for a limited amount of time. This is similar to Season 3’s nacho and margarita reward and Season 4’s Survivor theater reward- in that there was a reward present but there was also an advantage hidden. Some people went ahead and enjoyed some cakes and donuts while others tore into the cakes. I especially like how Tarzan just went in there, enjoyed some donuts and left.  In the end, it was Phoebe who found a clue to an idol- which was underneath one of the many cakes.

Stand Out Contestant

Australian Survivor S05E10 David as Emperor

David, doing is Emperor impression: “Do my bidding!”

Since there’s only 14 people left, I’m going to pick just one contestant this week. Also with a week like this, I feel like I don’t have enough to work with here.

I gotta pick David again just because he has been so entertaining. When it comes to All Star seasons, things can get boring: we’ve already seen these people before. Where else can you go? For David, he’s been consistently entertaining in his confessionals. Whether he’s quoting Emperor Palpatine or pretending to be Iron Man with one idol in each hand, the guy is TV gold. Some people might be put off by David this season and also last season: the guy is a big personality. He also hasn’t been the nicest to Phoebe, who was his ally for most of the season until a few weeks ago. Survivor is a game in which going against your morals takes you further. There are some things that contestants end up doing that they later regret when the season is over. I’m sure David will regret the way he’s treated some people this season but for now, he’s making for great TV.

Australian Survivor S05E11 immunityFavorite Challenge
I really didn’t have a favorite challenge from this week. Most of them were repeats or variations of previous ones. If I had to pick one, it would be the immunity challenge from Episode 11. In this challenge, contestants from each tribe must have three pairs of two teamed up- holding each other’s hands with arms out stretched over a mud pit. As time goes on, the contestants may start to feel uncomfortable and eventually fall into the mud. The last pair standing wins the challenge for their tribe. It’s a very simple endurance challenge but it lead to the new Vakama tribe to having their first immunity win.

Voted Off
Australian Survivor S05E10 Mat voted offIn Episode 10, Mat Rogers became the ninth person voted out of the game. Mat’s boot was not a surprise at all. With most of his alliance over to the new Mokuta, Mat’s days were numbered. He was able to stay in the game a little longer by playing his idol last week. However this time, Mat was out of the game for good. It’s a miracle he was able to last as long as he did.

Australian Survivor S05E11 Phoebe voted offIn Episode 11, Phoebe Timms became the tenth person voted out of the game after a wild Tribal Council. In the original vote, the votes were tied 5-5 between Phoebe and Moana on a tribe that had nine people. This is because Nick played his extra vote from last week, which allowed him to vote for Moana twice- in an effort to save Phoebe, his Season 1 castmate. On the revote, Phoebe was out after a 5-2 vote- with everyone’s vote the same, except Sharn– who switched her vote to Phoebe. It was pretty obvious Phoebe would be the next to go on Mokuta- considering her tribe technically voted her out before last week. However, she was able to stay after being able to beat Lydia in a fire making challenge. She wasn’t the best in the challenges nor could anyone trust her in the end.

Australian Survivor S05E12 Flick

In Episode 12, Flick Egginton became the eleventh person voted out of the game. For almost the entire season, Flick has gone without any confessionals. This is surprising considering she received a lot in her first season, being one of the season’s most memorable contestants. As to why she went, it’s hard to say. From what was shown, Flick’s ally in her first season Brooke wanted revenge given that Flick stabbed her back in Season 1. After a 5-1 vote against Shonee– Flick was out of the game.

Final Thoughts
We’re getting closer and closer to the merge. There’ll probably be one next week. So far, this season has been okay. We’ll just have to see what the merge has left in store for us.

I’ll see you all next week!

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Aaron ConnAustralian Survivor All Stars Week 4: Cakes and Shakes