Be Reel, Guys Podcast: ‘One Last Attempt at Family’

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Noah and Chance were reunited over the holidays when they spent a few very head-achy days in a dim and borrowed living room. Back together in their Nebraska college town, they rang in 2016 watching three movies (all covered in the 2015 “Trailer Pod,” by the way) about trying to reconcile with family before it’s too late. Did Liam Neeson save his son from hitmen in “Run All Night”? Did the sellout pop star Danny Collins strut and clown his way into his estranged family’s life? Does “Mississippi Grind” even really fit this category of family? Did Noah and Chance ever leave Nebraska? Questions are answered and Chance’s childhood bedroom is revealed. Enjoy.

Be Reel, Guys is a weekly movie podcast from Chance Solem-Pfeifer and Noah Ballard. Each time out, they discuss and reappraise three movies of a very specific genre. Find past episodes here and talk at them via Twitter or at

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Be Reel, GuysBe Reel, Guys Podcast: ‘One Last Attempt at Family’