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Hello Zines. It’s been so long, and you look gorgeous, just gorgeous. I’ve missed you so much. Why haven’t I called? Er. Um. ::scratches back of neck under collar:: Well, y’see, I got involved in some other pursuits. Job tasks, that kind of thing. Oh, you know, baby, that I still love you. I just need to see my job every once in a while. In zines, what with all the writing, and reading, and photocopying, remembering to buy stamps, and responding to letters and such, a girl can forget her head. I just needed some space. Thanks for understanding, dear. I still love you.

And I’m so glad to be back around reviewing zines, because boy, do I have two great ones to share with you today. They involve Ken’s further adventures in retirement and a beautiful reminder to take care of yourself. I’ve reviewed prior issues of these zines before, but these ones really step up their game.

Here’s my rating system:

Recommended: !
It’s Aiight: .
Maybe If You’re Into That Sort of Thing: ?

blog zine tkcThe Ken Chronicles #35
Rating: !!!
Price: $3, a fair trade, or a letter of comment

Ken Bausert
PassScribe at a o l dot com

This quarterly episode of Ken’s life is delightfully much like the others: He notices cool things. He reviews his latest book, zine, and movie finds. Things go wrong, and then they get better. A certain pleasure for fans of The Ken Show, The Ken Chronicles #35 is filled with neat facts, random thoughts (always my favorite part) and happy endings. Although in this issue, Ken briefly loses his cool: When a scamster bank robs him of $75, he fumes and threatens to call the Attorney General’s office. As a fan of tKC and Ken’s calmness since 2011, it was a plot-twist to see Ken get riled up.

But this issue is even cooler than a usual tKC: Ken, a little mystified by sports fandom, recruited two sports fans to let us in on the sports fan’s way of thinking. And the two essays are really cool! Doris’ fan roots go way back. She shares that, when she was a kid, her father would have his brood of kids stand on one leg to bring luck to the New York Giants. She likes the in-the-moment excitement of sports, and the feeling of community. Forty-something Mike, a hard-core New York Islanders fan, breaks down the different characteristics found in sports fandom (football: bros; hockey: blue-collar values). He has an interesting perspective on the different sports, like how baseball emphasizes the team aspect above the others, and how golf is truly a competition with oneself. Really interesting and enlightening reading for people not usually into sports!

Give The Ken Chronicles #35 a shot (on goal)! It’s an enjoyable zine with quality guest authors.

blog zine nhnbNew Hearts, New Bones #18
Rating: !!!
Price: not listed

Cheering and Waving Press

New Hearts, New Bones, as a series, is a pocket university of sorts: Cheering and Waving (who doesn’t include her name in the zine) covers a variety of social and health issues in brief, informative, and beautiful mini zine pages. In New Hearts, New Bones #18, she encourages her reader towards self-care. She discusses the priceless nature of good health, provides some examples of healthful emotional states, and delivers some bomb-ass zen with her background collages. BONUS! Unfold the thing, and there’s a gorgeous mini-poster inside, a collage that illustrates the heavenly and healthful resources right at our fingertips. “Be at peace within yourself,” she writes. Namaste, and get a yearly check-up.

Thanks for reading this installment of Blog Zine!


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