Blu-Ray Review – “Kong: Skull Island”

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Skull IslandWarner Brothers brings King Kong back to the big screen and the results are good old fashioned fun!

Kong: Skull Island” remedies all the mistakes made by Warner Brothers’ last monster outing “Godzilla.” The first thing they did right was let the audience see King Kong.

Godzilla and King Kong have been around for over 50 years. We all know what these two cinematic monsters look like so why hide them. Luckily King Kong is on full display from the get go and not in the shadows either, we see Kong in broad daylight which is indeed a spectacle to behold.

Next up, the  non CGI all human cast is stellar. Top liners include Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson all shine. Even Jackson, whose presence will always take me out of the viewing experience, turns in a strong focused performance. Kudos to John C. Reilly who has the most fully formed story arc that concludes during the closing credits. I have to admit that his storyline brought a tear to my eye.

As for the film itself get ready to have F-U-N. I don’t really care for the  term “popcorn movie” as it implies that there is no substance but unlike other crappy tent pole movies like the “Transformer” films this film has some heart and soul mixed in with the action. Set in 1973, the plot of “Kong: Skull Island” is simple… military officers are dispatched to check out an island that is off the grid and then find more than they bargained for in King Kong. That sounds pretty simplistic but there is more to it than that and Kong actually serves a purpose on the island. He isn’t just a giant gorilla whose job is to crush humans in fact Kong is the king of the island and his job is to protect it from anything that threatens it whether that be unwanted military men or dangerous underground creatures.

Suspense awaits on “Skull Island”

“Kong: Skull Island” was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts whose resume is made up of a few TV credits and a few low budget indie films. I have no idea how Warner Brothers picked him for the job but he nails it on every level. The pacing and suspense is perfect throughout and the CGI and special effects are top notch.

The film ends with an end credit sequence that sets up the next film in this monster series which will ultimately end with King Kong facing off against Godzilla. For now my money is on Kong who has more heart and soul than any underground lizard could ever have.


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Pat FrancisBlu-Ray Review – “Kong: Skull Island”