Blu-ray Review: Row 19

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Row 19

Out today on Blu-ray from WellgoUSA is Row 19, a new Russian airplane horror-thriller. A young woman doctor, who survived a plane crash as a child, is taking a flight with her own daughter during a snowstorm when strange things begin to happen to the other passengers. The story unfolds at a fast clip over its brief 78-minute run time and there are some nice, spooky effects throughout.



Row 19 does a passable job of serving up the thrills. If you enjoyed similar airplane horror movies like Redeye and Flight 7500; Row 19 will make for a good Friday night popcorn film. A word of warning though, watch the original Russian language with English subtitles. The English dub option is ‘Manos: the hands of fate’ level goofy and it makes it impossible to take the film seriously and ruins the suspense. Much like Manos, grown adults voice four-year-old’s and everyone else sounds like they’re just reading off the page, it’s cringe inducingly bad.



The rest of the disc release is less than impressive. The Blu-ray cover art, shown above, is effectively well done and creepy, but the disc otherwise only includes the trailer and some other previews. Something, anything; a behind the scenes, an interview, a commentary, would have really added value to the disc over and above just containing the film.

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Adam RuhlBlu-ray Review: Row 19