Blu-Ray Review: “The Bride”

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Shout FactoryThe Bride on Blu-ray

It’s Halloween and Shout! Factory is at it again, re-releasing The Bride starring Police frontman Sting and Flashdance star Jennifer Beals.

Originally released in the summer of 1985, when movies had rocking soundtracks and were edited like MTV music videos, The Bride never quite found an audience. The film had marketing struggles; though a take on the Frankenstein story, it’s not really a horror film. There’s no blood and guts or routine jump scares. Instead, The Bride feels like a gothic drama with two stories playing out simultaneously and converging in the end.

The first story deals with Dr. Frankenstein (Sting) teaching his finally perfect secondary creation (Beals) the ways of the world. It’s almost like if Hammer Films had made their version of My Fair Lady. The parallel storyline features the first creature, Frankenstein’s Monster as we traditionally know him, magnificently  portrayed by Clancy Brown (Sleepy Hollow, Billions, lots of voice work). Feeling rejected by his beautiful bride the Monster takes up, and takes off, with Rinaldo the Dwarf (David Rappaport) and together they lookout for each other as they travel across the countryside as a horror version of George and Lennie in “Of Mice And Men.”

The Bride, not the happiest of marriages

Eventually Beal’s Bride becomes more and more independent and begins to resent Viktor Frankenstein’s ideas of what a woman can and cannot do. Bride and Groom do meet again and have a hand in determining their own fate as well as that of their creator.

The cast is truly wonderful. Sting’s pomposity is perfectly suited to the role of a man with a God complex while Beal’s acting style fits that of a woman learning as she goes. The standout performance is Brown, who makes you feel compassion and empathy for a creature who never asked to be born and now has to live in the body given to him through science and madness.

Director Franc Roddam (Quadrophenia) pulls off an interesting effect with the monster by making the creature become slightly better looking and less grotesque as the film goes on. By the end ,when Beals and Brown meet, he almost seems like a prince in some upside down Disney movie.

The film bombed at the box office when originally released but now, this upgraded release with stunning visual quality and sound deserves to be seen. For fans of the film you will love finally owning a pristine copy and for people who have never seen it I believe you will find The Bride to be an undiscovered classic.

The Bride from Shout! Factory Bonus Features include:
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Director Franc Roddam
  • NEW Interview With Director Franc Roddam
  • NEW Interview With Actor Clancy Brown
  • TV Spot

The Bride


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Pat FrancisBlu-Ray Review: “The Bride”