Book: City of Light (Keri Arthur)

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city of light

City of Light

Keri Arthur


Publishing January 5th, 2016

ISBN: 0349406987 (ISBN13: 9780349406985)

Tiger, a humanoid hybrid created to fight in the war between humans and shifters, is the last of her kind. She’s been hiding for the past hundred years in an old military bunker, stealing food and supplies from the human/shifter city of Chaos, avoiding humans and shifters alike. Only the ghosts of her fallen brethren keep her company in the bunker.

The ghosts alert her to a problem that brings a wounded shifter and a child into her bunker, and the revelations they bring force Tiger back into a world she’d left behind.

Arthur’s new Outcast series paints a grim world where humans and shifters engaged in a war that blew holes in reality, creating rifts that let in all sorts of horrific creatures. Vampires and Wraiths await human and shifter alike in the darkness, so cities erect means of defense that include perpetual light. In this first book, Tiger has stumbled into a plot to create immunity to light for these night creatures by experimenting on children who’d survived encounters with rifts. It must be stopped at all costs.

The story moves along with good pacing, but the amount of exposition can be distracting. Too much gets explained about this new world instead of simply shown. Hopefully with the amount of exposition in this first book, further exposition won’t be necessary.

An inexplicable attraction between Tiger and the shifter ranger also seems a bit superfluous unless it’s setting up something for later, as it goes nowhere.

A major cliffhanger ends this book, and leaves you a bit frustrated when you remember the next one isn’t out yet. I’ll be picking up the next one.

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JL JamiesonBook: City of Light (Keri Arthur)