CD Box Set Review – RATT: The Atlantic Years 1984 – 1990

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RATT: The Atlantic Years

Fans of the hair metal band RATT have something to bang their heads to – Cherry Red Records have pulled out all the stops with their just released “The Atlantic Years: 1984 – 1990” boxset.

Fans of the Sunset Strip hair band scene have always looked to RATT to provide some hard rock that you could actually dance to. Fronted by Stephen Pearcy with guitar licks by Warren DeMartini, RATT burst onto the charts in 1984 with their immediately infectious song, “Round And Round.” The tune was a staple on the fledgling cable network MTV and  helped break the band nationwide. Other tracks followed from their debut album, including “Wanted Man” and “Back For More.” Eventually Out Of The Cellar went on to sell 3 million copies.

RATT followed up this smash with three more Platinum releases, Invasion of Your Privacy, Dancing Undercover and Reach for the Sky, and only managed Gold with 1990’s Detonator. All of these RIAA-award winning albums are included in this boxset as a document of the golden age of “Ratt and Roll.”

RATT – 58 tracks

The boxset includes the band’s 5 original studio albums; 58 tightened-up tracks in all including 7 bonus tracks. All the songs have been digitally remastered and are far and away superior to the original CD releases.

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The mini sleeve albums are all housed in a hard clamshell case that includes a full color poster of newly created liner notes.

The audio on these 5 discs is incredible and these classic albums have never sounded this good on any format. This is a must have for all diehard fans of RATT and if you’re one of the uninitiated, then this set is the perfect way to get acquainted with one of LA’s most famous hair metal bands.

RATT Bonus Tracks include:

Round And Round (Single Edit)
What You Give Is What You Get (Single Edit)
Dance (Single Edit)
Way Cool Jr. (MTV Unplugged)
Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (Rate Fonic Monster Mix)
Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (Rate Fonic Radio Mix)
Nobody Rides For Free (Point Break Soundtrack)

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Pat FrancisCD Box Set Review – RATT: The Atlantic Years 1984 – 1990