CD Reissues: Berlin “Pleasure Victim” and “Love Life”

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New reissue label on the block Rubellan Remasters hit another homer with the just released titles from 80’s new wave pop band Berlin.

After a string of excellent recent reissues from Ric Ocasek, Divinyls and Visage Rubellan Remasters has added the Terri Nunn fronted band Berlin to their ever growing roster. First up are the band’s hit filled 80’s releases “Pleasure Victim” and “Love Life”

“Pleasure Victim” was originally released in 1982 and immediately gained exposure on MTV with the songs “Sex (I’m A…),” “Masquerade” and “The Metro.” The album eventually went on to achieve platinum stars by selling a million copies in the U.S.

The original release only contained 7 tracks but has for this 2020 reissue Rubellan Remasters has expanded it to 14 tracks by including all of the single and extended remixes. The album has also been completely remastered from the original master tapes and is available for the first time ever as a deluxe edition. Add to that an 8 page booklet and you now have the definitive version of this new wave classic.

Next up… “Love Life”

Released in the Summer of 1984, “Love Life” included Berlin’s biggest hit to date with the AM radio staple “No More Words” which would hit #23 on the Billboard Top 40 chart. The new reissue has also been expanded from 10 tracks to 15 and adds the B-sides “Rumor Of Love” and “Lost In The Crowd” plus 3 remixes. The B-Sides are unique in that this is the first time they have ever been available on CD.

“Love Life” has also been meticulously remastered from the original master tapes for the highest fidelity ever available for this album. The disc also comes with a booklet that adds all the elements of the original release plus extras and liner notes.

Rubellan Remasters continues to do great work and are fast becoming one of the best reissue labels in the business. If you are looking to purchase these Berlin albums for the first time OR you already own them I can tell you that these are the definitive versions and worth the upgrade!

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Pat FrancisCD Reissues: Berlin “Pleasure Victim” and “Love Life”