CD Review: Andre Chrys – “Window to Nowhere”

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Andre Chrys delivers the most American of sounds, which is impressive when you consider he’s off of Vancouver, BC. Now when most folks get the blues, it seems like they’re too down to write some solid hooks and melodies. Not Andre Chrys. Straight away he grabs the listener with “Get Away With It,” a tune that could have come straight out of a bar in Memphis or Chicago and would stay with you long after you left.

Chrys immediately switches gears with “The Velvet Run,” which features a fiddle and an overall sound that recalls 1920s era pop music. Fittingly it chastises our love of technology, “you’re in love with your machines/and your shiny little screens/ telling you everything’s o.k,” he sings. Not unusual fare for a guy making roots music.

“Old Volvo” is another rocker, and is an almost perfect blues-infused car song. A bit of an odd automobile make to be the subject of a car song, but Chrys makes it work. It’s kind of the antithesis of a Beach Boys car song. “My old Volvo/ She might go slow/that’s alright/ I don’t mind/ I don t speed/ I don’t have the need./Where I go/ They’ll wait for me.” A far cry from the gal who borrowed Daddy’s T-bird to be sure, yet still likely be very pleasing to the car and car song enthusiast.

Things mellow out on “Don’t Disappear Now” and “The Benefit of the Doubt.” The latter has a great melody, while the former well echoes the blues but doesn’t sound forced as these things often can.

This is a fine collection of songs and really demonstrates Chrys’ grasp not only of songwriting and rock/blues, but of Americana in particular, or more accurately, North Americana.

9 Stars (and Maple Leafs) out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Andre Chrys – “Window to Nowhere”