CD Review: “Buckingham McVie”

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Buckingham McVie

Buckingham McVieThe self-titled album by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie is in stores now and the collaboration has produced the best Fleetwood Mac album in years.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Fleetwood Mac vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie has been in a recording studio with Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. The last time this happened was for the band’s 1987 long player “Tango In The Night.”

Since that time the band has reformed and toured with Christine and without Christine. The current touring line-up is the classic configuration that also includes Stevie Nicks. Unfortunately when it came time to regroup for a new Fleetwood Mac album Ms. Nicks decided it wasn’t the right time for her so what the fans end up with is “Buckingham McVie” a gorgeous 10 song set featuring Lindsey, Christine, Mick, John and Mitchell Froom on additional keyboards.

So why isn’t this album just called Fleetwood Mac? I’m not quite sure. The band recorded the “Say You Will” album in 2003 without Christine who was on sabbatical so why not call this Fleetwood Mac since it is their best album since the 80’s.

The 10 tracks on the album are definitely some of the best songs Buckingham has produced in years. His solo albums are usually a mix of pure pop perfection combined with a bunch of pretentious experimental BS. When Lindsey works with the members of Fleetwood Mac he shines and this set serves as proof. Of the 10 songs Buckingham wrote five on his own and three with McVie. McVie also contributes two solo compositions.

Every song on “Buckingham McVie” is a winner and by keeping it to just ten songs the two have crafted the best pop album released so far this year. The opener “Sleeping Around The Corner” starts with Buckingham whisper singing and then kicks into an amazing sing-a-long chorus that will have you playing the track immediately after your first listen. Lindsey and Christine’s voice blend perfectly and McVie’s vocals are miraculous. How does she still sound so good after all these years?

The next two tracks “Feel About You” and “In My World” continue in the same harmonious pop vein and I don’t think I have heard an pop album that starts this strong in many years. Every song is catchy, every chorus is perfectly crafted and the production is outstanding.

“Buckingham McVie” contains no filler. Every second of this 40 minute discs has been used to fill the listener with joy. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are the unsung heroes of this project as they were willing to put egos aside and do what they do best by playing their hearts out to make this the best Fleetwood Mac album in years. It’s far superior than the overblown “Say You Will” and if there’s never another official Fleetwood Mac release then I will be more than happy to follow the other four members under the moniker “Buckingham McVie.”


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Pat FrancisCD Review: “Buckingham McVie”