CD Review – David Cassidy “The Bell Years 1972 – 1974” Box Set

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Cherry Red Records reaches back to 1972 to give us the new 4 CD David Cassidy box set entitled “The Bell Years 1972 – 1974”

Between 1972 – 74, David Cassidy was one of the world’s best-selling recording artists, both solo and as a member of The Partridge Family. This brand new four disc collection covers all of his solo recordings for Bell Records during his most commercially successful years.

Disc One is Cassidy’ debut album “Cherish” which hit #15 in the USA and #2 in the UK. “Cherish” contained two US Top 40 singles “Cherish” and “Could It Be Forever.” The second disc is 1973’s “Rock Me Baby” which also reached #2 in the UK and just missed the top forty in the US peaking at #41. Disc three is “Dreams Are Nuthin’ More Than Wishes” which hit the top of the charts in the UK in November 1973. The final disc in the box set is the “In Concert Cassidy Live! ’74” which hit #9 in the UK and contains the Top 20 remake of The Beatles classic “Please Please Me.”

Each album is housed in a cardboard wallet with original front cover artwork and a back cover artwork that replicates the original venial albums. All albums are housed in sturdy clam shell packaging with a 28 page booklet that contains lots of memorabilia and picture sleeves from the era as well as extensive liner notes.

This box set is the most comprehensive collection of Cassidy’s early solo work that has ever been released. In all there are 50 songs with three of the songs being exclusive to this collection. Once again Cherry Red Records has put together an excellent boxset that showcases an artist in the best way possible. The packaging is top notch and these recordings have never sounded better.

If you are a diehard David Cassidy fan longing to hear your teen idol croon once again then this is the perfect way to transport yourself back to the groovy 70’s.

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Pat FrancisCD Review – David Cassidy “The Bell Years 1972 – 1974” Box Set