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Eddie MoneyEddie Money

Eddie Money fans can rejoice as four hard-to-find titles finally make their long awaited return to the CD racks.

Money’s albums from 1983 to 1991 have been long sought after by fans who still collect physical music… that’s CDs and LPs, kids.

Now you can finally get your hot little hands on Where’s The Party?, Can’t Hold Back, Nothing To Lose and Right Here, as BGO Records is offering these four albums on a new two disc collection. The gem of these four is definitely the Platinum selling Can’t Hold Back which contained three top 40 singles, including the smash hit “Take Me Home Tonight.”

Eddie Money, updated

All four albums have received a much needed audio update. All 39 tracks have been remastered in high definition by Andrew Thompson at London’s Sound Performance and have never sounded better. That’s not to say that this set is perfect – disc two has some problems and here’s where the ‘buyer beware’ part comes in.

First… in order to fit both Nothing To Lose and Right Here on a single disc,  BGO has chosen to edit some of the tracks on Nothing To Lose and this was not a good idea. Five of the ten tracks have been truncated and there are some glaringly evident edits. “Boardwalk Baby” has 34 seconds removed and has a horribly obvious edit at the 4:09 minute mark. The song actually chops Eddie’s vocal and goes into another part of the song.

Second… nowhere on the CD does it say that these songs have been edited for this release. The original release of Nothing To Lose in 1988 ran 46 minutes long while the new remastered BGO version clocks in at 42 minutes. That’s a lot of nuance to lose. I think it might actually have been better to lose an entire song than to mess up 5 great tracks.

As for the re-release itself this is the first time I have felt that BGO Records has dropped the ball. They tried to give the consumer four albums at a low price, but by doing so they ruined one of the four.

The packaging itself is nice and the CD booklet contains extensive liner notes as well as the complete album credits for all four titles. The sound quality is great overall but again, the reworking of Nothing To Lose with it’s sneaky edits on five tracks makes this collection a bust. In this reviewer’s opinion it would have been better to release Nothing To Lose and Right Here as a separate two disc set with no sneaky edits.

If you’ve never been a fan of the Nothing To Lose album and have always loved the other three then this package is for you. However, all completists and purists will definitely want to skip this release all together.

Eddie Money release


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