CD Review: Kimia Penton – “Lessons From Life and Love”

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Kimia Penton began her professional career as a violinist, switched to psychology(?) and now, ostensibly, has returned to music with a six-song EP titled Lessons From Life and Love. Born in the Middle East, raised in London, and now living in Texas, her music is solidly Adult Contemporary but in a modern way.

The violin, while present, isn’t heard very often with Penton building songs mostly around guitar and piano. “Pieces” is one exception, as it features a nice violin solo in the bridge. The song laments the singer’s inability to avoid a toxic love interest. The rest of the songs explore similar themes.

No toe-tappers to speak of but it’s soulful enough to stick with for a few listens. “The Door” is probably the most melodic track. “In a moment all my walls came down/I was stripped of all my fear and doubt/And all the pain and hurt/ And all my past couldn’t hurt me anymore/I found an open door,” she sings in the chorus. Not particularly compelling, but you kind of feel happy for her.

Perhaps too much weight is put on the fact that she’s a psychologist, but knowing that sort of ruins it a bit. Someone in that line of work should have amazing insights into relationships, while songwriters should be more clever about their observations. Penton isn’t a pedestrian songwriter, but a song like “Start Again,” in which she sings: “You first smiled and held my hand/I knew right then I found a friend/Everything was a possibility/We were friends/I didn’t want it to end.” Yeah, o.k.

Musically this is certainly appealing for a Sunday brunch or late at night when rock music might be too heavy. And sometimes it’s nice to drift back and not have to dig deeply into the lyrics.

7 Stars Out of 10

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PF WilsonCD Review: Kimia Penton – “Lessons From Life and Love”