CD Review: The Rolling Stones LIVE CD Debuts

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Rolling Stones LiveEagle Rock Entertainment has once again treated fans of “The Rolling Stones” to three archival releases that are absolutely stellar.

Over the past few years Eagle Rock released many concert DVDs and Blu-Rays from Britain’s bad boys of rock’n’roll. Now for the first time ever the audio from these home video gems has been released on three highly sought after CDs.

First up is “Ladies & Gentleman… The Rolling Stones.” This concert was filmed in 1972 and has be heralded as one of the band’s finest performances. The CD contains 16 tracks all recorded LIVE in Texas during the 1972 tour to support their classic “Exile On Main Street” LP. The tour line-up includes guitarist Mick Taylor who replaced the deceased Brian Jones. For many Stones fans this is the definitive line-up of the band and hearing Richards and Taylor trade licks is truly a thing of beauty. The band plays five songs off of “Exile” including “Rip This Joint, “All Down The Line,” “Tumbling Dice,” “Sweet Virginia” and “Happy” with Keith Richards delivering a raw and rocking lead vocal performance.

Chronologically the next release is “Some Girls LIVE in Texas ’78.” The band once again records in Texas and this time Taylor is gone and Ron Wood is in place as the band’s new sideman.

This long player features 17 songs recorded during the band’s 1978 tour to promote the “Some Girls” album. For me this is not only the best release of the three but also one of my favorite LIVE recordings ever released by the quintet. The songs on this album are played loud and fast with wild abandon. This is the band sounding down and dirty and oh so good. Seven songs from “Some Girls” are featured including the hits “Miss You” and “Beast Of Burden” plus fan favorites such as “When The Whip Comes Down,” “Respectable” and “Shattered.” If your bank account will only permit you to buy one of these three release then this is the one to get as it is a 10 out of 10.

Stones LiveFinally from 1981 we have “LIVE at the Checkerboard Lounge” which finds Mick, Keith and Ron joining legendary bluesman Muddy Waters for an intimate club show featuring nothing but the blues. To be perfectly honest I’m not a fan of blues music. Yes I know all rock’n’roll comes from the blues but it just doesn’t resonate with my ears. That said… if you are a blues aficionado then you must purchase this album as it is an archivists dream. The CD features 11 of the 16 tracks from the DVD release so if you are a completist you will want the home video release as well. Highlights of the setlist include an 11 minute version of the classic “Baby Please Don’t Go.”


If you love The Rolling Stones then these three retro releases offer something for everyone. Rock “Star Star,” pop “Beast Of Burden,” disco “Miss You” and blues “Mannish Boy.” My overall rating for the three releases combined is an 8 out of 10 but depending on your musical tastes you might rate them all a little higher. Thanks again Eagle Rock Entertainment for continuing to fill our eye and ears with the best classic rock releases on the market today.

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Pat FrancisCD Review: The Rolling Stones LIVE CD Debuts