CD Review: The Almighty

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Cherry Red Records is once again bringing the rock with 2 retro releases from 90’s rockers The Almighty!

First up the band’s third studio album from 1993 “Powertrippin'” produced by Mark Dodson (Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Joan Jett). On this release the band gets down and dirty with singles such as “Addiction” and “Out Of Season.”

Ricky Warwick has always known how to craft a rock song that will have you pumping your fist and singing along. The rock n roll anthem “Over The Edge” will have you playing air everything… guitar, drums and bass!

This new release is expanded to 2 discs and offers up a whopping 16 bonus tracks that include LIVE tracks, B-Sides and Demos. That’s 28 remastered tracks in all that are guaranteed to melt your face and shatter your eardrums!


If that’s not enough to fulfill your head banging needs then check out the 7 disc box set “The Almighty: Welcome To Defiance – Complete Recordings 1994 – 2001.”

“Welcome To Defiance” includes the band’s last 4 studio albums: “Crank,” “Just Add Life,” “The Almighty” and “Psycho-Narco.” All discs have been newly remastered and these versions are the definitive releases for all fans of The Almighty!

The box set is rounded out by 3 additional CDs. Disc 5 is the hard to find “Crank and Deceit: LIVE in Japan” and chronicles the bands tour of Japan in support of 1994’s “Crank” album. The 17 song disc is the perfect way to experience this powerful band at the height of their raw rocking power.

Disc 6 includes 12 B-Sides and Remixes while Disc 7 rounds out the set with 11 LIVE B-Sides and Session takes. If you are a diehard fan of hard rock then both of these retro reissues are for you. Top notch packaging, perfectly remastered songs and 40 bonus tracks make this box set a must own release!

As with all their releases Cherry Red Records has once again given music fans something to love with their eyes and ears! Here’s hoping the the future might bring the first 2 albums from The Almighty to the label. Until then there is plenty here to get you through the last few months of lockdown and into the Summer rocking and rolling!

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Pat FrancisCD Review: The Almighty