Comedy: Ryan Singer Releases “Free Love”

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Ryan SingerRyan Singer: Free Love

Ryan Singer released his fourth comedy album Free Love on October 12th. He wanted to share his love with everyone, so you can pick up the album for free at Free Love

Singer is celebrating his 42nd birthday, and instead of looking upon getting older with dread, he’s reminding people that getting older is a gift. Free Love covers topics from turning 42, to believing in the power of crystals, bigfoot, and the paranormal.

Singer has been a recurring character on IFC’s MARON, playing himself, and is the creator & host of “Me & Paranormal You”, one of the top Science & Medicine podcasts on iTunes. He was hailed as a Comic to Watch from New York Magazine, and one of 4 finalists on CMT’s Next Big Comic contest.

The Free Love track listing is

01. Stay Beautiful Forever
02. Losing My Mind
03. No Limit Lifestyle
04. Crystals & Witches
05. I Believe in Bigfoot
06. Lean Into the Weirdo
07. Reincarnation
08. Hot Thoughts
09. Future Man
10. Stranger in Your House
11. Teleportation
12. Top 5 Milkshakes
13. Singularity
14. Harder to Love
15. Talk to Your Water

Each track is a look into Singer’s unique perspective on life. Sharing his joy for being alive, his belief that great comedy can come from joy and love, and his complete disregard for the traditional standup based in pain and sadness.

I really enjoyed the album, it’s much more lighthearted than I expected, and is actually full of kindness & hope. I fully recommend giving it a listen, and Singer’s other albums as well. Those include Immortal For Now, Comedy Wondertown, and How to Get High Without Drugs.


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Robin LynnComedy: Ryan Singer Releases “Free Love”