Coming to Los Angeles: The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel LIVE!

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The Adventure Zone Podcast lands in Los Angeles this week for a LIVE podcast to promote the release of their new graphic novel “The Adventure Zone: Murder On The Rockport Limited!”

The event takes place on Wednesday July 17th at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles at 7:00 PM. The live show will feature both Travis and Clint McElroy and will include a conversation with the team about the graphic novel plus a LIVE reading of an excerpt from the comic that will feature special guests playing your favorite characters.

We were lucky enough to ask Travis and Clint a few questions about the upcoming show and tour and here’s what they told us…

What has been the most rewarding part of seeing the podcast adapted into a visual medium?

Clint: “I love how the TAZ world has been expanded. It feels so much bigger. Much… fuller. I also like our goofy facial expressions.”

Travis: “The most rewarding this has easily been that I have seen people enjoy it who had never listened to the show. Even more people have been able to enjoy it and that makes me really happy! Plus, Carey Pietsch (the artist on the book) is an absolute genius. There are amazing visual jokes in the book that would never work in audio form.”

What was your favorite scene to adapt for Murder on the Rockport limited?

Clint: “I can’t go into too much detail, but there’s a scene towards the end where Merle has a big confrontation with DM Griffin and it actually has serious impact on the story. I loved that.”

Travis: “In Murder on the Rockport Limited, there is A LOT more action sequences. In particular, there is a scene where my character Magnus rappels down the side of the train. It is so incredibly visual and action-y and I absolutely adore it!”

Are you as excited to do a show with just your dad in LA as we are to have you there?

Travis: “YES! I lived in LA a couple years and consider a second home! I visit 5 or 6 times a year! I’m super pumped to get to be there again and perform!”

What do you anticipate will be different between the LA show and the Austin show with Griffin & Justin that same night?  Will you be texting during the show? 

Travis: Well, the big difference will be guest performers as Taako and Angus and stuff! That is going to be a blast! That said, it will be pretty weird getting up there without them. We’ll definitely be in contact all day!

We hear you’ll be on the road with your dad at some upcoming conventions. Tell us about that! Is it cool to have some solo time with your dad? 

Travis: “Growing up, my dad would always take us to conventions and we always had a blast! Now, we get to go together as performers and it’s a trip and a half. As much fun as Dad and I have doing panels and shows at cons, I think we mostly love going because we are also fans! We love walking the floor and watching panels and stuff. Plus, we go out to eat and hang out and pal around!”

There are still a few tickets available for this event and those can be found at All tickets include a copy of the graphic novel that includes a bookplate signed by one of the McElroys!

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area Travis & Clint will also be appearing at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Dragon Con in Atlanta and the granddaddy of them all ComicCon in San Diego, CA. (Check out the schedule below)

See you there!!

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Pat FrancisComing to Los Angeles: The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel LIVE!