DC and WB Open The Floodgates on Their Comic Movies

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Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment dropped quite a few bits of news today with regards to their comic book properties hitting the big screen. They’ve essentially detailed releases through 2020 AND announced who the cinematic flash is (hint: it isn’t Grant Gustin). We’ll get to that in a second.  First, lets have a look at that schedule:

Let me first note that there are actual dates available for some of these but I would bet money they aren’t set in stone so I’ll keep it a bit more vague than my peers are.

Batman vs Superman – March 25, 2016
Suicide Squad – August 2016
Wonder Woman – June 2017
Justice League Part One – November 2017 (this seems like a VERY odd date to me.)
The Flash – 2018
Aquaman – 2018
Shazam – April 2019
Justice League Part Two – June 2019
Cyborg – 2020
Green Lantern – 2020

There are also plans for a Lego Batman movie, another stand alone Batman film, and a Man of Steel sequel.

I’ll be honest on two fronts. First, it’s exciting to see DC finally jumping into the movie world. At the same time, this line-up leaves MUCH to be desired. I don’t understand launching a Suicide Squad film at the beginning of this endeavor (or in fact at all.) You’re going to do a movie featuring villains from a universe you have barely established? Sounds like a bad idea to me and I’m guessing it’ll get the same kind of reaction as the planned Sinister Six movie received: None.

Launching Justice League (and intriguingly calling it Part One) in the fall is interesting. Either they don’t want the competition from summer films or they don’t think it will have legs for a summer launch. This isn’t Thor we’re talking about. This is Justice League, DC’s answer to the Avengers, and kicking it off in a time frame normally reserved for the award contenders seems a bit strange to me.

Then the stand alone movies. Wonder Woman. Great! It’s about time we get a female led comic book film (assuming Marvel doesn’t eek out something first.) I’ll get to The Flash in a second. Aquaman, we’ll see how that goes. Shazam? Does Shazam need a stand alone film? In fact, does Aquaman? I don’t think so. After that we have Cyborg (which we definitely do not need) and Green Lantern. Eh.

The Flash poses an interesting dilemma. A 2018 release puts it four seasons into the life of the Flash TV series (assuming it goes that long) meaning there will be an entire audience who know and love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. If they are anything like me, they already love him. He’s perfect.

So rather than tie the DC TV and Cinematic worlds together, we’re going to get an entirely new Barry Allen, who we are likely (pretty much positively) to see in the upcoming Dawn of Justice film.

Say hello to your film Barry Allen:

Ezra-ezra-miller-33672891-500-422Ezra Miller!

This is a really fascinating choice. A good one as well. If we can’t have Grant Gustin.

What do you think? Is WB trying to hard to push a DC Film Universe with too many solo films with less than stellar characters? Do you want the TV and Film worlds connected? Post in the comments and let us know!

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Garon CockrellDC and WB Open The Floodgates on Their Comic Movies