#FantasticFest 2017 Review: Bad Genius

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Bad Genius

Lynn is an exceptionally bright student in Thailand who gets a full scholarship to an honors high school. While there, she develops a method of giving other students test answers by tapping her desk. Unfortunately, she is soon caught and disgraced before her father and school. When one of her friends needs to pass the international version of the SAT; Lynn develops a globe-trotting master-plan to cheat the test and make a large sum of cash.

Bad Genius moves at a fast and spirited pace, with the students dodging obstacles to cheat their way to the top. It is a polished and sophisticated film that could rival any Hollywood production and has a clever script that might well have been written by the likes of Aaron Sorkin or some A-list writer with a talent for fast dialogue. The suspense is intense in scene after scene and you’ll find yourself rooting for Lynn and the students (who are actually the bad guys in this) to pull the crime off and get away scot-free.


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Adam Ruhl#FantasticFest 2017 Review: Bad Genius