@fantasticfest Review: Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

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Dod Sno is back with Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead and this time the Nazi Zombies aren’t playing nice. Picking up the moment the first film ended, Martin (Vegar Hoel) has just made his escape from Colonel Herzog (Ørjan Gamst) and his undead soldiers. When he awakes in the hospital he finds that not only is he suspected of murdering all his friends in the first film, but the doctors have attached the Colonel’s murderous arm to his shoulder stump. Of course, the arm is evil (and hilarious ala Evil Dead 2) and attacking anyone it can get its hand on. It’s up to Martin to find out what the Colonel’s goal is and stop him before it’s too late.

Tommy Wirkola directs with tongue firmly planted in cheek, exceeding the laughs and groans of the first film. He changes up the tone of the series; expanding the scope and moving beyond the ‘cabin in the woods’ motif of the first film (also adding in Americans and a lot more English this time around). Things get utterly revolting as the zombies rampage across the landscape with a tank. There are brains and guts and puke aplenty wiped all over the place. If you love over the top films; this is about as over the top as it gets.

It’s great, just great. The first one was good, this one is great. It’s funny and gross and insane. Most importantly, it handles these elements genuinely and well. So often we see humorous horror films that try and end up falling just a little short in one way or another. Wirkola gets it and Dead Snow 2 is a quality, if often nauseating, film. See this while it’s still in theaters and see it with friends, you will all laugh and dry heave together.

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Adam Ruhl@fantasticfest Review: Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead