Festival Fashion Find! Atypical Tutus’ Wearable Art

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As festival season hits high-gear, you’re probably looking for some unique festival fashion, way beyond neon bikinis and the cheap tutus you can pick up at Party City. You’re looking for something individual and artistic. Tutu artist Robin Alexandra, based in Colorado, provides amazing and unique wearable art with her Atypical Tutus! These are specimens of fine tutu art. I mean, check this out:


Crazy original, huh? That’s no cheap polyester skanky tutu. Although, here is Robin’s skunky tutu:

SkunkOr what about this camouflage one?

cammo_fleece tutus

I had the opportunity to interview Robin Alexandra about Atypical Tutus, her background, and her creative philosophy. Here’s our Q&A:

What’s your fashion background?

I have always had my own sense of fashion and from an early age I was exploring my creative spark making clothing for dolls, costumes for myself, and eventually started reconstructing thrift store finds and making costumes for my children. I adore dressing up whether it is to go to the grocery store or to Burning Man. I am inspired by the texture and color of fabric and how it drapes. I love creating thematic ensembles.

What inspired you to create your artistic tutu pieces?

I am a painter primarily, but work in many media. My friend Natasha and I wanted to bring a little Burning Man ethos and culture into our community. We heard about the Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities yearly fundraiser, “Green is the New Black” fashion show. We decided to share our love for Burning Man’s “Tutu Tuesday.”  We created ten tutus as “ Two Teutonic Tutu Twats,” competing for Best in Show with 22 other designers. We won! This just happened in April and after the dust settled, I realized how much I love designing and making upcycled tutus…thus, Atypical Tutus was born.

My tutu designs are for men and women, and I can create any theme you can imagine. I love finding materials at thrift stores, and designing and building each one. I am creating wearable sculpture, and this art form is a natural extension of my creative process as an artist. And, well, they are just so damn fun to wear.

What famous person would you love to see rocking one of your tutus? What would it look like?

I would love to make a tutu for Kate Blanchett. It would be a jean button fly base with a black and white print fabric top layer. The under layer would be iridescent blue with black and white tulle layers between. Casual, but with classic style. Like Kate.

What’s your favorite tutu you’ve created?

I just finished a leopard print fleece base tutu with a terracotta colored raw silk harlequin checkered top layer. There is a leopard fleece underlayer with electric blue tulle layers between.


What’s your advice to people who have the creative itch?

Do it, make it. Art is a defining characteristic of being a human. We cannot live without art, and I know that each of us has latent creativity. Go ahead and experiment with new techniques and mediums. Be worry free that what you make needs to be a masterpiece. It doesn’t. I guarantee that, no matter what you make, it will open you up to new potential in the artistic realm of life.

Robin Alexandra in one of her Atypical Tutus

Robin Alexandra in one of her Atypical Tutus

Atypical Tutus: Prices start at $200 for a one-of-a-kind hand-created piece of wearable art made from upcycled materials and yards of tulle. To purchase, contact Robin Alexandra: e-mail: atypical.tutus@gmail.com. Facebook: Atypical Tutus.

Photos Credit: Robin Alexandra.

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Kari TervoFestival Fashion Find! Atypical Tutus’ Wearable Art