Lucifer Recap: A Good Day to Die

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So, last episode ’til the winter break is over.

We really have to wait ’til May?

So yes, Chloe did get stuck with a syringe in the tussle with the mad doctor. She was injected with the designer virus–and the dude with the antidote is dead.

Lucifer was pretty damned determined to find out if the doc had kept anymore of the antidote, and teamed up with Dan to find it, leaving Chloe at the hospital after she collapsed during the first little bit of their antidote hunt.

They quickly determine that the remaining antidote was lost, so he and Dan hunt down the guy who provided the doctor with his ingredients. There’s a minute where things don’t look so good–Dan and Lucifer were captured by the smuggler’s guys–but Lucifer loses his patience and tips the scales back in their direction.

They find out that the smuggler only has the list of ingredients–not the recipe. There’s only one man who has that, and he’s in Hell.

The one place Lucifer didn’t ever want to go back to.

He convinces Dr. Linda to commandeer a hospital room directly under Chloe’s–so the proximity renders Lucifer mortal–and kill him, so he can go back to Hell and get the formula from the doctor. He has all the confidence in Dr. Linda that she can revive him in 60 seconds. (Of course he does. Poor Linda.)

He tells Amenadiel to protect Chloe, but to not let anyone move her. If Lucifer becomes immortal again, who knows what that will do to him while he’s dead.

Trixie has an adorable talk with Amenadiel, and she says she thinks he’s a good guy. (Aww, sweetling. Wise beyond your years.) Will that help Amenadiel forgive himself?

When he arrives in Hell, we find out that Hell is being stuck in your one big moment of failure/sin, and the doctor is stuck in that moment where he let the grad student burn while he got away with his research. Apparently, most don’t forgive themselves, and end up stuck forever.

Lucifer gets the formula, but becomes stuck in a Hell of his own–the moment he killed Uriel. Back on Earth, when they try to revive Lucifer and it doesn’t work, they begin to get the idea that he’s likely stuck.

Mother has Linda kill her too (poor Linda, doing the heavy lifting *again*.) and goes in after him. She frees Lucifer by taking responsibility for everything. She says she feels it’s really her fault. Given his Mommy issues, I guess this helped?

While they get shock paddles to the chest from Linda, Chloe upstairs goes into some sort of distress. The doctors want to move her, but Amenadiel is unmovable. While he’s there, they can’t move her. I sense a redemption arc coming…

Lucifer and Mother are revived, and Lucifer runs upstairs with the formula. It saves Chloe’s life, but the look in Lucifer’s eyes is so sad…

Chloe immediately goes to Lux once she’s out of the hospital, but everything in the penthouse is covered in sheets. Lucifer is gone.

Once again, he acts against his own self interest. He can’t get over the whole ‘God put her in your path’ thing, even though Mother assured him Chloe had no idea. (Although, I have to say, the whole ‘she was made for you’ thing is kind of problematic, guys. A bit reductive to Chloe’s character.)

I guess Lucifer needs some time alone to figure out that it doesn’t matter.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: A Good Day to Die