Lucifer Recap: Love Handles

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So, just things appear to be progressing….


They only kind of are?

The episode begins with what looks like Lucifer and Chloe getting it on (FINALLY), only to find out it’s a dream. While Maze was obviously entertained by what she quickly figured out was Chloe having a sex dream, Chloe still ends up more frustrated than anything else.

They end up with a poisoning case where a professor type is trying to prove that people usually choose self preservation and saving their livelihoods over saving another’s life. The key bit here is the poison–it’s the substance from last episode that killed the bad guy. I initially thought it was a germ weapon, but no, it’s a poison. The poison causes hemorrhaging from the eyes and nose.  More on that later.

Throughout the case, Chloe is trying to take Maze’s advice and be more spontaneous. She makes jokes and entendres–even at one point smacking Lucifer’s bum–and he’s utterly mystified. In his eyes, Chloe isn’t acting like Chloe, so he thinks something’s off.

He talks things through with Dr. Linda earlier in the episode and in general later, and it’s clear his big question is whether what Chloe obviously feels for him is real.

Just when it seems he’s come to the conclusion that yes, it is–in comes Mother.

She spent the episode trying to get someone else to tell Lucifer what they’d found out about Chloe—that dear old Dad had a hand in her creation and likely put her in Lucifer’s path–and ropes Maze into at least being there for support.

When they meet in a restaurant to tell him, Maze figures out pretty quickly that telling him would be a huge mistake. All it would do is hurt him. She’s had a lot of character growth.

Just as she butts in to stop Mother from telling him and tries to quickly usher him out the door, Luci spots a picture on the wall of patrons. It’s Amenadiel and Chloe’s mother.

So, they have to tell him anyway.

In true Lucifer fashion, he misses the bigger picture (which is WHO CARES, SHE LOVES YOU ANYWAY YOU DIPSTICK) and takes the whole thing personally. He assumes that since God set the whole thing in motion, it isn’t real.

He storms into Chloe’s house demanding to know if ‘she knew the whole time’, only to find she’s standing dismayed at the mirror, examining the blood streaming out of her nose.

So yet again, her life is in danger. Looks like Lucifer has some more growth coming.

(Guys, why is his growth so often tied to Chloe’s life being in danger? Kinda cheap trope, there. Him figuring things out himself ass backwards is a lot more fun.)


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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: Love Handles