Lucifer Recap: The Sinnerman

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Lucifer Recap: The Sinnerman

So, we’re obviously going to learn a bit about The Sinnerman in this episode!

We begin the episode with a desperate young man talking his way into Lux, and asking Lucifer for a favor. Looks like he’s back in the favor business firmly now.

“So, how is it you angels work?”

Linda has an appointment with Lucifer and asks him more about his powers and how they were determined for him. She’s disappointed to learn that there’s not much significant about who got what powers.

Chloe asks Pierce for a personal day, and since she doesn’t tell him what it’s for, he decides to give her grief over it. She won’t tell Lucifer, either.

The crime scene they land at is the murder of the young man we saw in the beginning of the episode asking Lucifer for a favor. Lucifer got him a job as a runner for the Mob, and the body had both legs broken.

“That seems really…sad.”

Linda and Amenadiel talk about what she and Lucifer had discussed about his and Amenadiel’s angelic powers, and when Amenadiel explains that since he can slow time he’s able to do his Father’s bidding with no one the wiser, Linda comments that it sounds lonely. He never gets to know anyone. It’s beginning to look  a lot like Amenadiel and Linda are getting closer. Maze is less than thrilled at this. Her friend and her ex?

Amenadiel and Linda kiss, and Linda tells him she isn’t comfortable because of Maze.

Charlotte has her first day working with the group at the police station. She uses her former job as defense lawyer to help.

“I love making brutal examples of people.”

They figure out that the Mob didn’t kill the kid. Does this have something to do with the titular Sinnerman? Did he meet his end because he got help from Lucifer?

Another body quickly drops–and it’s another person Luci did a favor for. Chloe doesn’t really believe in the existence of The Sinnerman, but Pierce shows up at the crime scene and confirms his existence. He says he’s been following The Sinnerman’s exploits for years. Ella finds The Sinnerman’s DNA at both scenes.

The Sinnerman reaches out to Lucifer directly by phone. He lures Lucifer to a warehouse for a meet at a warehouse and traps Lucifer there. Luci is now determined to find out what The Sinnerman wants, so he can destroy him with it.

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

Chloe and Charlotte go  to talk to the Mobster, and they give out just enough info to give him a reason to go after The Sinnerman. Then Chloe stakes out the Mobster, and Pierce joins her. Pierce tells Chloe that The Sinnerman killed his brother, and he’s after him for revenge. Chloe admits that the personal day was because the anniversary of her father’s death is coming up, and he’d died on duty.

Maze finds Luci in the warehouse, and frees him. She talks to him about Linda and Amenadiel. Lucifer points out that she’s being greedy. Later, she talks to Linda  about it. She says she doesn’t want Linda to get together with Amenadiel because it makes her feel left out.

Chloe spots The Sinnerman going in to see the Mobster. The Sinnerman shoots the Mobster, and a firefight ensues. The Sinnerman is captured, but before Lucifer can lay the mojo on and question him, he puts out his own eyes.

Charlotte and Dan begin to work out their awkwardness.

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JL JamiesonLucifer Recap: The Sinnerman