NEWS! Cumberbatch as #DoctorStrange

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UPDATE: Marvel has confirmed this.  I suppose when I first reported it here, I didn’t have the “credentials” to properly “back this up” with “facts.”  You know, JOURNALISM and what not.  In any case, I was still right, no argument there.


If you thought Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t possibly be in any more films, you’d be wrong!  The man who brought you the kinda-sorta-Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece Theatre, the voice of the terrible dragon Smaug and of course, the Khan in Star Trek into Darkness which totally isn’t Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is going to play Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I know!  DOCTOR STRANGE!!  Right, guys?  Guys??  Wait, no one knows a damn thing about Dr. Stephen Strange?  Son of Darryl and Ethel Strange?  Hahahaha!!  This isn’t really that big of news either;  there have been talks of Cumberbatch as Strange since Summer 2014.  But will anybody see it?

Maybe.  With his first appearance in 1963, Dr. Strange has been appearing alongside the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and Thor for decades.  But does anyone know of his heated rivalry with Dr. Fate: the DC magician who totally uses spells and stuff to protect Earth, too?  Ahh, so there is a story to tell!!  Both heroes have degrees in super-supernatural anthromagicology (probably), so maybe the movie will be about Strange’s post-graduate work.

In any case, let me know in the comments how a Doctor Strange movie would work, and whether or not this thing has legs or magical wings or whatever to get off the ground.  PEACE!

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources; MARVEL.COM

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TrehernNEWS! Cumberbatch as #DoctorStrange