#Nintendo Direct: April 1, 2015 (cc @NintendoAmerica)

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Hey Beasts!  Nintendo had another N-Direct this week, and since we all love Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, I figure we could talk about these announcements rights here on PCB!

We got news of Mewtwo and Lucas making their way onto the scene in Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU and I believe the 3DS.  So if you like one of the slowest Pokémon from Melee and the other guy that isn’t Ness of Earthbound, you’re totally in luck! [NOTE: Lucas is actually from MOTHER 3]

As far as Mario Kart news, we see some new additions like Animal Crossing DLC and 200cc races!  Which means blinding speeds!!  It’ll be so fast, Dry Bones will lose his skin ALL OVER AGAIN!

And I know Garon loves the amiibos, so dude, get ready for Splatoon, Woolly Yoshi and Ganondorf!  Plus others!!  COMING SOON!!!

For the entire Nintendo Direct presentation, check out the video above.  And let us know what you liked in the comments below!


KEYWORDS: nintendo direct april 2015

KEYWORDS: nintendo direct april 2015

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Trehern#Nintendo Direct: April 1, 2015 (cc @NintendoAmerica)