PCB Comedy Review: Pete Holmes: “Nice Try, The Devil”

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If you don’t know comedian Pete Holmes, you are missing out. His newest comedy album, Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil, is a tour de force of his dirty but nice comedy style. Recorded for Comedy Central, listening to this show is just fantastic. Holmes is quick, jovial, and really seems to be enjoying his time on stage. In a word, this show is McDonald’s. Listen or watch and you’ll know what I mean.

Recorded in Austin, TX, at The Moody Theater, Holmes waxes weird on the single life, fearing the rapture, hopefully making his bed, and why you shouldn’t drop a dog. My favorite bit, I think, was the video game character going to the doctor. I can only imagine how he looked on stage, but listening was still uproarious.

Holmes is definitely a visual comedian as well as a great wordsmith, if you have the chance to see the Comedy Central special or get your hands on his DVD/CD combo pack, be sure to pick that one. For me, though, the show still came through pretty well in the audio.

9 out of 10 headphones

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Eliot HochbergPCB Comedy Review: Pete Holmes: “Nice Try, The Devil”