PCB Game Night: Telestrations

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Probably should spring for the 12 player version.

Telestrations is one of the few games where the more players, the better! Which is good, because this is a party game for 4-8 players (or up to 12 players with the new party pack version).

This gives you the idea of the
hilarity you’re in for.

Telestrations, by USAopoly, is such a simple idea and so well designed, you’ll wish you’d thought of it yourself. Each player gets a dry erase notebook with alternating word and picture pages, a pen, and one clue card. When the timer starts, every player draws their clue on their first page. Time is up, so hand your notebook to the player next to you. Now, everyone tries to guess the word the drawing represents on their new notebook. Time, switch again. Now, draw a picture representing this new word. This happens again and again until everyone has either drawn or written in each notebook, and everyone has  gotten theirs back. Now the fun really begins, as each player goes through the drawings and guesses players have made in their notebook, leading back to the original clue.

All the stuff in the box.

Oh man, is this fun. Sure, winning is cool, and like Pictionary before it, Telestrations doesn’t necessarily favor the best artist. Instead, the best communicator will win. But really, winning is only one of the ways to succeed at Telestrations. In fact, the more boldly you play, even if you can’t communicate well, the better the game will be! Because it’s the mistakes that lead to the best moments. Even if you’re embarrassed by your art or guessing skills, get over it for this game. You’re the star if you stink at either.

Oh man, so typical of this game.

That’s what makes this such a great party game! In fact, if you own this game, I recommend telling the players exactly that – try your best, of course, but even if you can’t draw well, don’t give up! A bad, sincere drawing will be so much more fun than a successful winning drawing, or worse, someone giving up because they’re self-conscious. Have confidence and know that even if you’re the worst artist of the group, you’re the best player in Telestrations.

Things can get interesting, depending
on the people you play with.


4-8 players


Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack

4-12 players

10 out of 10 scribbles!

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Eliot HochbergPCB Game Night: Telestrations