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What if there was a convention that was actually about something that mattered? ComiCon for the issues of the day?

That’s the promise of Politicon. A fan convention for the politically minded. Not a rally, but an opportunity to see and perhaps speak with some of the people who are shaping today’s American politics.

James Carville. Barbara Boxer. Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin. Ann Coulter. Larry Willmore. Bill Nye. Chuck Todd. Paul Begala. Nate Silver. Frank Luntz.

You won’t agree with everyone. You may not even respect everyone. And certainly someone is making money off of this. But at what other venue will you see these and more political pundits, advisors, comedians, and others get together and square off with the luxury of time? These events promise to provide a level of discussion that we don’t see on TV or even online.

Will Politicon deliver? That remains to be seen. But, you won’t know if you don’t go, and this election season seems like the perfect time to give it a shot. More is on the line that almost any election in recent memory. And therefore, more people care this year than any other year.

I’ll be reporting on my experiences after the fact, but if you will be in Los Angeles this weekend, and you care about politics, you should at least head on over to their site to see what’s on offer. It’s a lot to fit into two days – June 25 and 26 – and you can’t see everything. It’s unclear whether or not they make video available after the fact (they should), but for 2015 I don’t see anything. However, if they aren’t on camera the whole time? Maybe they’re more likely to share the truth?

Plus there are exhibitors and other extras to check out, too. Just like any fan convention. I wonder if anyone will be cosplaying…

Check out Politicon and see. June 25-26, 2016 Pasadena Convention Center.

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Eliot HochbergPoliticon Preview