Pop Culture Beast Carol Podcast: Jeff Steinbrunner

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pcbclogoEpisode 4: Jeff Steinbrunner!


The name of the Toys R Us giraffe is Geoffry the giraffe. There is part of me that wonders if today’s guest ever got called that as a kid.  To be honest, I forgot to ask him that when we talked.  I would like to take this open forum to apologize for not doing my duty as a journalist and ask that you forgive me.  I would also appreciate you allowing me and my family to deal with this in peace, not disturbing our planned picnic at Oak Park Park planned for this Saturday at shelter B.  It is meant to start at 11am.  Please allow us to enjoy each others company and not bother us.  If you do plan on bothering us, please bring a covered dish, preferably a vegetable.  Thank You.  Here’s Jeff on podcast!

More Jeff!
Picture of Geoffry the Giraffe

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Matt RiggsPop Culture Beast Carol Podcast: Jeff Steinbrunner