Pop Culture Beast Carol Podcast: Reena Calm!

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Episode 13: Reena Calm!
It’s beginning to look a lot like May, everywhere you go.  From the calendar store to the guy on the street who yells out the month.  Man, the first of the month is so exciting, when that guy on the street switches to a new month.  by the 28th or 30th or 31st of the previous month, you are so tired of that month word that you would rather take a pick axe to the brain than hear the name of that month.  But all of that is behind you, when you hear him yell, “Today is the first of (fill in the month)”  By the 14th of the new month, it’s getting annoying and then again, just as it has happened in the precious months, the end of the month is almost a end your life situation.  Well, thank God that we don’t have to worry about that and you can just listen to this episode of the podcast with the hilarious Reena Calm!

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Matt RiggsPop Culture Beast Carol Podcast: Reena Calm!